One problem after another 

Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment and he checked how my son is doing well. I’d been struggling to fix his breech position and here he is! He’s no longer to be in breech! YEY! I did exercise every night and it worked. I’m ver happy 😉 The problem is gone ! 

And NOT gone! My doctor told me that I had high blood sugar levels and need to check if there’s gestational diabetes. WOW! I can’t believe that. I don’t have following conditions. 

1.Family with diabetes. 


3.Experienced t deliver a giant baby

4. Ages 35 or older

Being a pregnant woman has a big change in the body. Insulin doesn’t work inefficiently but the body needs glucose more. That’s why a pregnant woman tend to be dignosed with gestational  diabetes.  I’m going to take detailed examination on Sep 13. I believe that the symptom is temporary. From now on, I need to control intake of carbohydrate. That’s very difficult!! Less rice, pasta, bread !  Cross your fingers 💖



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Yesterday I watched tv show about a couple, the wife is Japanese and husband was English. Their life is fulfilled and I admired the way they live. 
They met in England and had secure job. However the husband had stressed out from work and started to dream about becoming a farmer. He wanted to do it in England but the cost was very high and gave it up and found new way. The way war doing farm in Japan. He got his wife to live in Japan. She didn’t want to back to Japan. 

Eventually, they moved to Japan and stated new life in Japan. They bought mountain of  2.451 ac and exploited it. They made house and field!  Now they made almost veggies themselves. Water comes from the well and electricity is also free. They sell their fresh veggies and make a little money.

I like simple life and they look so happy. I reacknoledge money can’t  make people happy even though it has strong power! By Getting what you want and when it’s achieved, you l feel happy. I have to find something new goal to show my son what the real happiness is. 

Baby bib!! 

I sew baby bibs by hand. All materials were from one dollar shop. This time,they are reversible. I have to level up to the next level. What I’m going to make ?  

Baby bib No.1 One side is frog.

Baby bib No.1 Another side is polka dot.

Baby bib No.2 One side is printed car.

Baby bib No.2 Another side is polka dot.

A life with nature

I’m back in my hometown now to deliver my baby boy. In Japan,it’s nomal to do it in hospital near own parents’ house. It’s so comfortable and I can get help from my family. My due date is OCT 20 and I’ll be back to my place around new year. So far, everything is good but my baby is in breech. I exercise to fix it but he doesn’t move! I also do safe delivery exercise. I go for a walk in the morning and evening. The above picture is a view while out of a walk. The scenery melt my mind and I can relax perfectly.    

I have a lot of spare times and I watch Rio Olympic. This time, Japan got a record number of 41 medals and every athlete did a great job.  I was busy to be touched,frustrating,cried ! I want them to walk tall when they came back to Japan!    


I have many wonderful friends and there’s an exceptional one. She’s chased her dream to became a manga artist. As you might know, manga is Japanese culture and becoming a manga artist isn’t easy and to make a debut, it would take them  many years to make ends meet. I think that she did everything to become a manga artist. 

1. She quit her job.

2.She takes distance from her friends to spend time to write manga.She didn’t tell them the reason.  

3.  Try many contests and visit publishers as much as she can. 
She’s mid-30 and she’s fought with her worries such  “What if I can’t make a debut” and “ruin my life”.  Of course there’re worries when we’re challenging something new. She thought she  might have been on the shelf. But it doesn’t mean she’s been single in her life. She’s passionate about her dream and she can’t deny herself.  That’s great way to live own life. She makes clear what she wants to do and it’s  never vague. She’s never in the face of the world and just go straight to her dream. I always tell her not to give up her dream. Age isn’t matter and reputation from people shouldn’t  be cared. There’s always path people have to walk. Life is thorny path and her life is just different with me and try worth it. 

Please see her work. It’s so pleasure to receive comments. 

Are you hooked by smartphone ?

I’ve read  “Why I ditched my smartphone – BBC News” today.This is an article about US comedian Ari Shaffir. 

He abandoned his date plan so that he could only access the Internet via Wifi. Using smartphone has become part of the fabric of today’s society and even though we don’t want to have it , we have to do for work or friends or family , etc. 

Now, I’m on maternity leave and I have a lot of free time, however, except my family , no one contacts me(I have friends but they have work). I know that my friends are busy, but I still check SNS regularly and how they are doing. Especially Istagram! I keep comments to my friends. I think I’m hooked by smartphone. For me, learning English by smartphone is important and that’s ok to use it. I need to stop just checking SNS meaninglessly. I also feel that my creatibility is dull now. Smartphone brings  a feeling of safety that I can check anything if I have smartphone. 

I don’t think  that I can abandon my data plane but I can “JUST USE LESS”.   Like Ari Shaffir, sleeping better, talking to more people and taking  more interest in his surroundings are best come comes. I will give a shot what’s happening after 3 months.   


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Do you believe urban legend that marriage life would be successful when you get married to No.2 loved one? 

Hmmm…it might be right for me. My husband is the best for me but I didn’t feel something special. I can be myself and don’t have to be pretend as someone. Being natural was the key to get married to him! Of course, I love him more than anything💓

The other day, I remembered No.1. We didn’t work out and both we couldn’t stay together when each of us needed either. Once I stated to date with my husband, he also contacted me and I pushed him away. When I got engaged to my husband, I met him to show off my engagement ring and had lunch. The reason I could meet him was he had a girlfriend and both of us had moved on. I realized that I was so obstinate that’s why I wore my engagement ring to see him as if I told him that he could’ve done the same to me. I’m sure that he was No.1 but not for marriage to me. Spending time with him was awesome and it’s still great memories. Even though we didn’t work out, if we meet, we could have a casual conversation without romantic feeling. 

Why I remember this relationship is related to one of my colleague. She’s divorced recently due to no moral husband. She wanted to sleep in bed but he wanted to sleep in Futon. She wanted her daughter to learn swimming but he couldn’t accept it. Everything was objection.  She finally realized they didn’t love each other from the beginning and now she started to date with her ex. They both knew that they should have been together and just couldn’t be at that time. 

Another example is about my colleague. She can’t attend company events because there are males. If she warned to attend, she needs to tell a lie as if she were with girls. The other day, we attend dinner with clients but before it, we stopped by a bar and had a drink and took a picture as an alibi.

Marriage life is always dramatic and unexpected. Each person and a couple have their own rule and a form of love. I can’t tell my marriage is perfect but my husband is a compelling personality.