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Do you believe urban legend that marriage life would be successful when you get married to No.2 loved one? 

Hmmm…it might be right for me. My husband is the best for me but I didn’t feel something special. I can be myself and don’t have to be pretend as someone. Being natural was the key to get married to him! Of course, I love him more than anything💓

The other day, I remembered No.1. We didn’t work out and both we couldn’t stay together when each of us needed either. Once I stated to date with my husband, he also contacted me and I pushed him away. When I got engaged to my husband, I met him to show off my engagement ring and had lunch. The reason I could meet him was he had a girlfriend and both of us had moved on. I realized that I was so obstinate that’s why I wore my engagement ring to see him as if I told him that he could’ve done the same to me. I’m sure that he was No.1 but not for marriage to me. Spending time with him was awesome and it’s still great memories. Even though we didn’t work out, if we meet, we could have a casual conversation without romantic feeling. 

Why I remember this relationship is related to one of my colleague. She’s divorced recently due to no moral husband. She wanted to sleep in bed but he wanted to sleep in Futon. She wanted her daughter to learn swimming but he couldn’t accept it. Everything was objection.  She finally realized they didn’t love each other from the beginning and now she started to date with her ex. They both knew that they should have been together and just couldn’t be at that time. 

Another example is about my colleague. She can’t attend company events because there are males. If she warned to attend, she needs to tell a lie as if she were with girls. The other day, we attend dinner with clients but before it, we stopped by a bar and had a drink and took a picture as an alibi.

Marriage life is always dramatic and unexpected. Each person and a couple have their own rule and a form of love. I can’t tell my marriage is perfect but my husband is a compelling personality. 


2 thoughts on “Dramatic

  1. What a great post! Yes I agree the more experience you have in relationships the more you understand what works best. So I would go with number 2 unless you get incredibly lucky. ✨💖🌹✨


    • Thank you Debi ! It’s fun to see people’s relationship and know how much my life with my husband is going well. 🙂 No.1 would be perfect at the moment but after got married , it wouldn’t last. What we need changes by each event. So he might not fit to husband.

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