Are you hooked by smartphone ?

I’ve read  “Why I ditched my smartphone – BBC News” today.This is an article about US comedian Ari Shaffir. 

He abandoned his date plan so that he could only access the Internet via Wifi. Using smartphone has become part of the fabric of today’s society and even though we don’t want to have it , we have to do for work or friends or family , etc. 

Now, I’m on maternity leave and I have a lot of free time, however, except my family , no one contacts me(I have friends but they have work). I know that my friends are busy, but I still check SNS regularly and how they are doing. Especially Istagram! I keep comments to my friends. I think I’m hooked by smartphone. For me, learning English by smartphone is important and that’s ok to use it. I need to stop just checking SNS meaninglessly. I also feel that my creatibility is dull now. Smartphone brings  a feeling of safety that I can check anything if I have smartphone. 

I don’t think  that I can abandon my data plane but I can “JUST USE LESS”.   Like Ari Shaffir, sleeping better, talking to more people and taking  more interest in his surroundings are best come comes. I will give a shot what’s happening after 3 months.   


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