I have many wonderful friends and there’s an exceptional one. She’s chased her dream to became a manga artist. As you might know, manga is Japanese culture and becoming a manga artist isn’t easy and to make a debut, it would take them  many years to make ends meet. I think that she did everything to become a manga artist. 

1. She quit her job.

2.She takes distance from her friends to spend time to write manga.She didn’t tell them the reason.  

3.  Try many contests and visit publishers as much as she can. 
She’s mid-30 and she’s fought with her worries such  “What if I can’t make a debut” and “ruin my life”.  Of course there’re worries when we’re challenging something new. She thought she  might have been on the shelf. But it doesn’t mean she’s been single in her life. She’s passionate about her dream and she can’t deny herself.  That’s great way to live own life. She makes clear what she wants to do and it’s  never vague. She’s never in the face of the world and just go straight to her dream. I always tell her not to give up her dream. Age isn’t matter and reputation from people shouldn’t  be cared. There’s always path people have to walk. Life is thorny path and her life is just different with me and try worth it. 

Please see her work. It’s so pleasure to receive comments. 


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