A life with nature

I’m back in my hometown now to deliver my baby boy. In Japan,it’s nomal to do it in hospital near own parents’ house. It’s so comfortable and I can get help from my family. My due date is OCT 20 and I’ll be back to my place around new year. So far, everything is good but my baby is in breech. I exercise to fix it but he doesn’t move! I also do safe delivery exercise. I go for a walk in the morning and evening. The above picture is a view while out of a walk. The scenery melt my mind and I can relax perfectly.    

I have a lot of spare times and I watch Rio Olympic. This time, Japan got a record number of 41 medals and every athlete did a great job.  I was busy to be touched,frustrating,cried ! I want them to walk tall when they came back to Japan!    


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