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Yesterday I watched tv show about a couple, the wife is Japanese and husband was English. Their life is fulfilled and I admired the way they live. 
They met in England and had secure job. However the husband had stressed out from work and started to dream about becoming a farmer. He wanted to do it in England but the cost was very high and gave it up and found new way. The way war doing farm in Japan. He got his wife to live in Japan. She didn’t want to back to Japan. 

Eventually, they moved to Japan and stated new life in Japan. They bought mountain of  2.451 ac and exploited it. They made house and field!  Now they made almost veggies themselves. Water comes from the well and electricity is also free. They sell their fresh veggies and make a little money.

I like simple life and they look so happy. I reacknoledge money can’t  make people happy even though it has strong power! By Getting what you want and when it’s achieved, you l feel happy. I have to find something new goal to show my son what the real happiness is. 


2 thoughts on “Reach

  1. What am interesting movie! What was the name? But the point is well made–how to be happy when there is not enough money. Perhaps part of the answer is by being grateful. Gratitude makes what we have more than enough and then happiness naturally follows. Amazingly, it works! ✨💖✨


  2. It was Japanese TV program.
    We tend to forget gratitude ! I think the couple understand the meaning of life, that’s why they could shift their life and having gratitude each other and happiness naturally follow indeed.


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