One problem after another 

Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment and he checked how my son is doing well. I’d been struggling to fix his breech position and here he is! He’s no longer to be in breech! YEY! I did exercise every night and it worked. I’m ver happy 😉 The problem is gone ! 

And NOT gone! My doctor told me that I had high blood sugar levels and need to check if there’s gestational diabetes. WOW! I can’t believe that. I don’t have following conditions. 

1.Family with diabetes. 


3.Experienced t deliver a giant baby

4. Ages 35 or older

Being a pregnant woman has a big change in the body. Insulin doesn’t work inefficiently but the body needs glucose more. That’s why a pregnant woman tend to be dignosed with gestational  diabetes.  I’m going to take detailed examination on Sep 13. I believe that the symptom is temporary. From now on, I need to control intake of carbohydrate. That’s very difficult!! Less rice, pasta, bread !  Cross your fingers 💖


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