What’s happening now?

My 37 weeks pregnancy has started today and the time has come. Now, I’m staying in the hospital because of reducing amniotic fluid and possibility of intrauterine growth retardation.  What I am doing now is taking non-stress test three times a day. That’s all.  So I have a lot of times for myself.   Two days ago, my doctor told me that he needed to monitor my son. He gained 100g each week  and his weight gain progress is low. Total weight is around 2,400g, which isn’t bad as total weight but not to my doctor. I was very shocked to listen to it. His breech position was fixed . I had possibility of diabetes but the result was no problem. Even now, problems nag me and my son. 

But his heart beat is very strong and seems ok. I’m sure he’s not backing down like I didn’t. When I was born, my weight was 1,900g and there was a  risk to die but now I’m very healthy. I’m shorter than average height but except that, I don’t have any problems. Wish us luck 💝

Let me instroduce Japanese meals in the hospital. It’s tasty but need more menus and quantity🍴






Are you satisfied with show of love from your partner? Mine is….he is….vey kind. he could do more say something to me, compared to other men I know, he still can talk to me directly and show his love to me. He’s a typical and advanced Japanese  man. 

Yesterday, TV show brought up a topic “Should Japanese men show enough love to thier partners? ” . There are some foreigner trend spotters and said “Not enough!”. Japanese is good at reading atmosphere and people’s mind without convesation. Are we super person or something ? 

In English, people say “I love you ” but not “I like you “. In Japanese , people tend to say “I like you”as show of love. It’s language matter and some of trend spotters pointed it out “Why use LIKE? It’s same when we say I like a dog ” . It’s true.  Japanese language has “love” and many people don’t choose it all the time.  Some Japanese women don’t want men to use “I love you ” more than they need because of value of word. If men often use “I love you”, women get used to it and romantic mood is gone. I think “I love you” is a proper word for my husband. Except my husband, I can’t use it.  

In the show, attitude of Japanese women is focused ! When men throw bouquets,attitude of Japanese women is so cold and gruff. It might be true and you could say Japanese women are humble. And too much weight on being a mother and not being a wife. That attitude cause husband to cheat on his wife. 

 people with honesty is important. Doing something without asking make a trouble. Show of Love is what need to continue life with a partner. It’s not only men problem, but also women.

Lunch box

My cousin has three kids in junior high, elementary school and preschool. Most Japanese school has sports festival in autum. This year, thier sports festivals were held three weeks in a row. This is hard for mother out there. Student family goes see it with lunch box  for family and family invites guests, too. Hence, our lunch box became like this. 

Menus are …. Rice balls,Bean cake, fried shrimp,fried meat,fried egg, salad, sandwich, Edamame, boiled shrimp, candied sweet potato, Boiled egg , simmered dish and so on. To make everything,  my cousin, her mother(my aunt) and I had to get up at 4 in the morning. Usually I don’t help them but now I’m back in my hometown so, I had to !

I appreciate my mother  who did to my sister and me for every sports festival and usual lunch box. Her cooking was delicious and looked  colorful. Even my friends remember how it looked like. It impressed them very much with it. I believe that making fabulous lunch box is also showing love from mother. I’m going to do same things to my son. The time I can do to him is very short because a kid will grow up soon. I also learn a lot of things from my aunt(my mother’s older sister). She treats us like her daughters. I know her love that’s why l love my nephew and my niece more than needs 💖 

Amazing connection between mother and baby

From yesterday, my final month of pregnancy has started. Time flies so fast and I’m ready to be a mother but I’m not so sure about labor pain lol

I talk to my son as much as I can and take English lesson together. I really hope it helps his growing. My English teacher Debi sent me two rinks about relatuionship between mother and baby. 


According to the first website, baby recognize words in mother’s womb and it affects after baby is born. Especially, baby recognizes vowels people talk and baby is likely to retain the memory, too. That’s really amazing. I often heard that baby hears conversation outside of womb  and I believed that. So, I have to hash up for a bad mouth. I’m living with my family and it’s easy to be whiny 🙄And the secound link was interesting. Stem cells from fetus repair injured mother’s heart and male baby’s DNA prevents alzeimer’s desease. What a structure! My baby is a boy, hence he might help me in my womb. 

Every pregnancy is miracle but my baby is something  more to us because natural conception was pretty hard for us but it happened. I really couldn’t believe that the problem we faced was caved. My due date is Oct 20. I just can’t wait to see him 😘 

Friendly level 

Do you have someone who have a kid and thier relationship is strangely too close?  I watched TV show and the topic was relationship between parents and the problem is that parents can’t scold thier kid and they read the kid’s expression, which mean they can’t educate properly. 

As thought of my parents, they loved so much and especially I had a good relationship with my mom. She took care of me and my sister and always told us what a problem was and what a good thing was. We were never like friends and never exist blurring the line between a parent and a kid. 

In the TV show, the following topics were came up. 

1. Dressing together 

I dressed together when I was a little with my mom. It was a good memory. But I didn’t do that when I grew up. Recent daughter and mother tend to wear same cloths. Daughter is happy because they look like friends and mother is happy because she look young. I think if my mom does the same thing, I’d really hate it. She’d have her own style. 

2.  Kids decide theirs job by talking to thier parents and employers also talk to parents before hiring them. 

This topic got me freak out. Kids have to take responsibility for thier life themselves. Parents can give them advices but it shouldn’t influence their decision. There are called “monster  parents”, so employers have time to meet thier parents, otherwise, some parents sue company if something bad happens to kids. I thought this society is really twisted. 

I’m pregnant with my first baby. I realized that relationship with my kid is very important. Support and over-protect might be paper line. I really talk to my husband about this. 


Daily prompt to Eclipse

Since my maternity leave has started, I’m into Korean drama. I didn’t expect that South Korean drama got my heart. Now I’m watching known as “King’s Doctor” or “Horse Doctor”.

1. What’s the story?

The life of a low class veterinarian specializing of the horses, Kwang-Hyun , who rises to become the royal physician in charge of the king’s health. He’s  a warm-heated man and provides empathetic care to patients(human). He thought that his family was from a low class but actually not. His father was a famous Doctor working at court and had a high class  family tree. His father was involved in a conspiracy by his peer and killed.In the middle of the story, Kwang-Hyun knew everything and seeks revenge. 

2. Life is ….

My life is so simple 😉 I know this is TV drama but that’s why it’s  fun to watch this.  Good thing is that his life never eclipsed by seeking revenge. He’s always cheerful and considerate. Seeking revenge comes with a price. However, he takes care of people around him. Especially, their hearts. That’s so important as human but it’s never easy when you  do revenge. You have to change when you try to do something bad. Korean men are sometimes so emotional and they cry a lots. That’s a big deference with Japanese men.  The drama comes to the end . What happens at the ending?