Daily prompt to Eclipse

Since my maternity leave has started, I’m into Korean drama. I didn’t expect that South Korean drama got my heart. Now I’m watching known as “King’s Doctor” or “Horse Doctor”.

1. What’s the story?

The life of a low class veterinarian specializing of the horses, Kwang-Hyun , who rises to become the royal physician in charge of the king’s health. He’s  a warm-heated man and provides empathetic care to patients(human). He thought that his family was from a low class but actually not. His father was a famous Doctor working at court and had a high class  family tree. His father was involved in a conspiracy by his peer and killed.In the middle of the story, Kwang-Hyun knew everything and seeks revenge. 

2. Life is ….

My life is so simple 😉 I know this is TV drama but that’s why it’s  fun to watch this.  Good thing is that his life never eclipsed by seeking revenge. He’s always cheerful and considerate. Seeking revenge comes with a price. However, he takes care of people around him. Especially, their hearts. That’s so important as human but it’s never easy when you  do revenge. You have to change when you try to do something bad. Korean men are sometimes so emotional and they cry a lots. That’s a big deference with Japanese men.  The drama comes to the end . What happens at the ending? 


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