Friendly level 

Do you have someone who have a kid and thier relationship is strangely too close?  I watched TV show and the topic was relationship between parents and the problem is that parents can’t scold thier kid and they read the kid’s expression, which mean they can’t educate properly. 

As thought of my parents, they loved so much and especially I had a good relationship with my mom. She took care of me and my sister and always told us what a problem was and what a good thing was. We were never like friends and never exist blurring the line between a parent and a kid. 

In the TV show, the following topics were came up. 

1. Dressing together 

I dressed together when I was a little with my mom. It was a good memory. But I didn’t do that when I grew up. Recent daughter and mother tend to wear same cloths. Daughter is happy because they look like friends and mother is happy because she look young. I think if my mom does the same thing, I’d really hate it. She’d have her own style. 

2.  Kids decide theirs job by talking to thier parents and employers also talk to parents before hiring them. 

This topic got me freak out. Kids have to take responsibility for thier life themselves. Parents can give them advices but it shouldn’t influence their decision. There are called “monster  parents”, so employers have time to meet thier parents, otherwise, some parents sue company if something bad happens to kids. I thought this society is really twisted. 

I’m pregnant with my first baby. I realized that relationship with my kid is very important. Support and over-protect might be paper line. I really talk to my husband about this. 


2 thoughts on “Friendly level 

  1. Wow incredible post! We call parents who are over protective “helicopter” parents. They try to manage everything for their kids without giving the child the chance to learn on their own. Parents who are interviewed at work is really going to far. Unless the company is trying to identify parents who might want to sue them over their grown child in which case that’s a very clever move! Thanks for the interesting post!!

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