Amazing connection between mother and baby

From yesterday, my final month of pregnancy has started. Time flies so fast and I’m ready to be a mother but I’m not so sure about labor pain lol

I talk to my son as much as I can and take English lesson together. I really hope it helps his growing. My English teacher Debi sent me two rinks about relatuionship between mother and baby.

According to the first website, baby recognize words in mother’s womb and it affects after baby is born. Especially, baby recognizes vowels people talk and baby is likely to retain the memory, too. That’s really amazing. I often heard that baby hears conversation outside of womb  and I believed that. So, I have to hash up for a bad mouth. I’m living with my family and it’s easy to be whiny 🙄And the secound link was interesting. Stem cells from fetus repair injured mother’s heart and male baby’s DNA prevents alzeimer’s desease. What a structure! My baby is a boy, hence he might help me in my womb. 

Every pregnancy is miracle but my baby is something  more to us because natural conception was pretty hard for us but it happened. I really couldn’t believe that the problem we faced was caved. My due date is Oct 20. I just can’t wait to see him 😘 


One thought on “Amazing connection between mother and baby

  1. Dear Maya, Thank you for sharing about the lunchbox and the connections with your mother. Really your box looks fabulous and yummy at the same time. Your son is so lucky to have solving mom who will pass on these traditions to the next generation. he will grow up in a really awesome family for sure! ❤ ❤ ❤


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