Lunch box

My cousin has three kids in junior high, elementary school and preschool. Most Japanese school has sports festival in autum. This year, thier sports festivals were held three weeks in a row. This is hard for mother out there. Student family goes see it with lunch box  for family and family invites guests, too. Hence, our lunch box became like this. 

Menus are …. Rice balls,Bean cake, fried shrimp,fried meat,fried egg, salad, sandwich, Edamame, boiled shrimp, candied sweet potato, Boiled egg , simmered dish and so on. To make everything,  my cousin, her mother(my aunt) and I had to get up at 4 in the morning. Usually I don’t help them but now I’m back in my hometown so, I had to !

I appreciate my mother  who did to my sister and me for every sports festival and usual lunch box. Her cooking was delicious and looked  colorful. Even my friends remember how it looked like. It impressed them very much with it. I believe that making fabulous lunch box is also showing love from mother. I’m going to do same things to my son. The time I can do to him is very short because a kid will grow up soon. I also learn a lot of things from my aunt(my mother’s older sister). She treats us like her daughters. I know her love that’s why l love my nephew and my niece more than needs 💖 


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