Are you satisfied with show of love from your partner? Mine is….he is….vey kind. he could do more say something to me, compared to other men I know, he still can talk to me directly and show his love to me. He’s a typical and advanced Japanese  man. 

Yesterday, TV show brought up a topic “Should Japanese men show enough love to thier partners? ” . There are some foreigner trend spotters and said “Not enough!”. Japanese is good at reading atmosphere and people’s mind without convesation. Are we super person or something ? 

In English, people say “I love you ” but not “I like you “. In Japanese , people tend to say “I like you”as show of love. It’s language matter and some of trend spotters pointed it out “Why use LIKE? It’s same when we say I like a dog ” . It’s true.  Japanese language has “love” and many people don’t choose it all the time.  Some Japanese women don’t want men to use “I love you ” more than they need because of value of word. If men often use “I love you”, women get used to it and romantic mood is gone. I think “I love you” is a proper word for my husband. Except my husband, I can’t use it.  

In the show, attitude of Japanese women is focused ! When men throw bouquets,attitude of Japanese women is so cold and gruff. It might be true and you could say Japanese women are humble. And too much weight on being a mother and not being a wife. That attitude cause husband to cheat on his wife. 

 people with honesty is important. Doing something without asking make a trouble. Show of Love is what need to continue life with a partner. It’s not only men problem, but also women.


5 thoughts on “Satisfaction

  1. Wow! What an insightful post!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on love and motherhood. We know you will be a brilliant mom and wife who knows how to balance these matters in life! βœ¨πŸ’–βœ¨


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