What’s happening now?

My 37 weeks pregnancy has started today and the time has come. Now, I’m staying in the hospital because of reducing amniotic fluid and possibility of intrauterine growth retardation.  What I am doing now is taking non-stress test three times a day. That’s all.  So I have a lot of times for myself.   Two days ago, my doctor told me that he needed to monitor my son. He gained 100g each week  and his weight gain progress is low. Total weight is around 2,400g, which isn’t bad as total weight but not to my doctor. I was very shocked to listen to it. His breech position was fixed . I had possibility of diabetes but the result was no problem. Even now, problems nag me and my son. 

But his heart beat is very strong and seems ok. I’m sure he’s not backing down like I didn’t. When I was born, my weight was 1,900g and there was a  risk to die but now I’m very healthy. I’m shorter than average height but except that, I don’t have any problems. Wish us luck 💝

Let me instroduce Japanese meals in the hospital. It’s tasty but need more menus and quantity🍴




One thought on “What’s happening now?

  1. Dear Maya,
    It’s so exciting to see how far you have gotten in your pregnancy already!! Kay is going to be born any day now and these hurtles you have had to get around will all vanish when you look into his beautiful eyes. I am so happy for you knowing you are in expert hands, both the doctor and the cook! Much love ✨💖😘✨

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