Through childbirth, I thought about DNA because a same thing happened to me like my mother was suffered. I was healthy pregnant woman but it wasn’t right. 

My doctor told me that I was dignosed with hypertension due to pregnancy. My mother had the same problem so I was born with 1.9kgs. 

Inducting drag was started on Oct 18 and on Oct 20, I had fever,  high- blood pressure and water break. Once water break happens, infection would start within 24 hours. My doctor told me that we should do c-section to save you and your baby. I felt groggy and didn’t remember his explanation. I only felt stuff moved with a rushed way. My c-section was over safely but I had an another problem about rupid beat. It was way fast and doctors were curiosa about it. So now, I took a medicine for my pulse. I was like what’s happening to my body? The medicine for my pulse don’t let me give him breast milk. 

I also have to take antibiotic 3 times a day by drip. My blood vessels are way narrow, so nurses use needle of drip for kids. My mother had narrow blood vessels and used needle for kids. My face and my body have got her gene perfectly. 


Welcome to the world❤️

Please let me introduce my new born son, Mr. Kay. He was born by urgent c-section due to my high pressure and my high fever. His weight was 2.294kg and 48cm tall. Now he is doing great and no longer in an incubator. 

I had a little problem at procedure. My heart caused rapid beat and it wasn’t normal. So I have to be in the hospital longer.  It’s so stressful but it’s all for my son. Can’t leave the hospital without healthy body. I’ll keep you updated😀

Sparkle account on Twitter !

I am hard to believe that there’re people who want to be someone else on Twitter. The other day, I watched TV about a woman having a sparkle account. What she does is pretending like someone else and tweeting her laxury life, but all fake. 

On Twitter, she lives in Tokyo and has a stable job with good salary and nice boyfriends. But in her real life, she’s not living in Tokyo, so she subscribes to monthly information magazine of Tokyo and collects information to make sure not let people know her life in Tokyo is fake. She also edits photos as if she were there. It’s hard work, isn’t it? Basically, if you want to have a sparkle account, you need to be organized. Without it, you can’t keep tweeting as someone else and at the worst. You’d be arrested. 

By seeing her, I felt darkness of her mind. She wants to be like person on her sparkle account but she insists that she keeps her expectations realistic and can’t be like the woman in her real life. I felt so sad, though. It’s her life and she should control it herself and it seems like giving up her life. It’s too early to decide it. Every people has darkness of their mind but people move forward and put the things behind them for a little while and think about them again.  I want her to find satisfaction in her real life. 

By the way, how do you saying this kind of person  in English ?

Waiting for

It’s on full moon tonight ! It’s beautiful and it might bring me labor pains. Yes, Please 😘 My doctor decided to start inducing drug on next Wednesday if labor pains don’t come by next Monday, Oct 17. I believe that my baby will be besides me within next week.  

I’ve read about an article of a baby boy had been borned using DNA from 3  persons. The way of IVF was unique and it helps many couples having fetelity issues. The following is explanation of the IVF from BBC.

Two of their children had previously died from Leigh Syndrome which is a disorder passed on through genetic defects in mitochondria carried by the mother.The doctors used a method that takes all the vital DNA from the mother’s egg plus healthy mitochondria from a donor egg to create a new egg that’s then fertilised with the father’s sperm. 

Even though the egg was made by 3 persons, 99% of DNA was from the parents and 1% was from the donor. It’s like organ plant. One of your organs doesn’t belong to you originally but it works out for you. Of course it’s huge controversial issue and has been misrepresented on media. I don’t understand the medical structure, but at least it solves people’s devastating mind. I hope the baby will grow up healthily and show the world he’s ok 😉


I’ve been organaizing my parents’ things. There’re many good memories  and things I don’t want to dump but I can’t keep them forever. Especially photos, I decided to keep some of them. Dumping things is good to clear my mind, too. 

Today, I was about to dump an important photo for my husband and me. If I didn’t notice it, I’d regret forever and couldn’t tell him. I’ll make sure to recheck what I’m going to dump. 

I love this photo but my losing weight plan was failed and the day before my wedding, I had to size up my wedding dress. How embarrassed I was💔 and I’m short so I needed to put on 15cm heels. It was hard to walk but when I talked about this story to people, they laughed a lots and look happy, so it’s alright 😀

Experiences in childhood. 

My daily life has been existing with watching Grey’s anatomy, rural activities and taking care of my cousin’s kids. 

The other day,  I went see baseball games of the oldest son. They won and became No.1 team. What great games.  I was touched with the passion they played and I also learned  how thier parents supported thier kids. I’m sure that it’s good memories to both of them. I will do the same thing to my kid, too. It’s about showing love from parents to kids and all parents are care about all kids there. It’s a good way to raise kids with everyone and community.  

A couple of days ago, I dug sweet potatoes and planted Napa cabbages there with the 2nd and 3rd of my cousin’s kids  . I didn’t help gramma with it and I felt I’d missed something important when I was a kid. I will get my son to do that every time he gets a chance. 


I’ve used SNS of maternity life , which has some communities to share ideas and exchange information for a baby, labor and etc. It’s very convenient and people there  encourage me. I really appreciate this SNS! Most of people have same troubles, but minority group has very serious problems such domestic violence, husband’s extracurricular activities and so on. I have no idea why they can let thier husbands do that. They must be shallow and callous and no care to their wives. If those women haves little peace in thier mind, I’m always willing to listen to them but it’s not fundamental solution.

Doing SNS is a apart of daily life and communication is through text app for young people. This is present society and in Japan ,many young people have a problem about having a boyfriend and a girlfriend because they feel so scared to turn down directly. I understand it, though. How they communicate with people is all text and they don’t have to talk to people directly in thier world compared to my world. If they live without text, they can more feel delight, anger, sorrow and pleasure form other and learn work out differences. Improving immunity of dating is needed to them. 

Let’s think about myself and my husband.  We met at futsal circle and for 6 months we didn’t know our private contact information and the futsal circle was held once a month. So, we only talked once a month but I could see his leadership and humanity objectively and later we exchanged text. At that time, we both had cell phone and not smart phone. There wasn’t app so we didn’t have to care about read icon. I think we had good comunication and didn’t rely on text. When he asked me go out officially, I asked him back  “I talk up and I’m obstinate. Are you ready with it?” And he said “I knew it. ” but in his mind,”Is she really ok?” . I can’t believe how I’m cocky and arrogant and he’s so brave to become my husband. 

SNS is very good and they can both help and destroy people. People have to adjust society and can’t leave SNS world. It’s all about social connection now. Just people shouldn’t worship SNS and ruin thier credibility over that.