I’ve used SNS of maternity life , which has some communities to share ideas and exchange information for a baby, labor and etc. It’s very convenient and people there  encourage me. I really appreciate this SNS! Most of people have same troubles, but minority group has very serious problems such domestic violence, husband’s extracurricular activities and so on. I have no idea why they can let thier husbands do that. They must be shallow and callous and no care to their wives. If those women haves little peace in thier mind, I’m always willing to listen to them but it’s not fundamental solution.

Doing SNS is a apart of daily life and communication is through text app for young people. This is present society and in Japan ,many young people have a problem about having a boyfriend and a girlfriend because they feel so scared to turn down directly. I understand it, though. How they communicate with people is all text and they don’t have to talk to people directly in thier world compared to my world. If they live without text, they can more feel delight, anger, sorrow and pleasure form other and learn work out differences. Improving immunity of dating is needed to them. 

Let’s think about myself and my husband.  We met at futsal circle and for 6 months we didn’t know our private contact information and the futsal circle was held once a month. So, we only talked once a month but I could see his leadership and humanity objectively and later we exchanged text. At that time, we both had cell phone and not smart phone. There wasn’t app so we didn’t have to care about read icon. I think we had good comunication and didn’t rely on text. When he asked me go out officially, I asked him back  “I talk up and I’m obstinate. Are you ready with it?” And he said “I knew it. ” but in his mind,”Is she really ok?” . I can’t believe how I’m cocky and arrogant and he’s so brave to become my husband. 

SNS is very good and they can both help and destroy people. People have to adjust society and can’t leave SNS world. It’s all about social connection now. Just people shouldn’t worship SNS and ruin thier credibility over that. 


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