Waiting for

It’s on full moon tonight ! It’s beautiful and it might bring me labor pains. Yes, Please 😘 My doctor decided to start inducing drug on next Wednesday if labor pains don’t come by next Monday, Oct 17. I believe that my baby will be besides me within next week.  

I’ve read about an article of a baby boy had been borned using DNA from 3  persons. The way of IVF was unique and it helps many couples having fetelity issues. The following is explanation of the IVF from BBC.

Two of their children had previously died from Leigh Syndrome which is a disorder passed on through genetic defects in mitochondria carried by the mother.The doctors used a method that takes all the vital DNA from the mother’s egg plus healthy mitochondria from a donor egg to create a new egg that’s then fertilised with the father’s sperm. 

Even though the egg was made by 3 persons, 99% of DNA was from the parents and 1% was from the donor. It’s like organ plant. One of your organs doesn’t belong to you originally but it works out for you. Of course it’s huge controversial issue and has been misrepresented on media. I don’t understand the medical structure, but at least it solves people’s devastating mind. I hope the baby will grow up healthily and show the world he’s ok 😉


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