Sparkle account on Twitter !

I am hard to believe that there’re people who want to be someone else on Twitter. The other day, I watched TV about a woman having a sparkle account. What she does is pretending like someone else and tweeting her laxury life, but all fake. 

On Twitter, she lives in Tokyo and has a stable job with good salary and nice boyfriends. But in her real life, she’s not living in Tokyo, so she subscribes to monthly information magazine of Tokyo and collects information to make sure not let people know her life in Tokyo is fake. She also edits photos as if she were there. It’s hard work, isn’t it? Basically, if you want to have a sparkle account, you need to be organized. Without it, you can’t keep tweeting as someone else and at the worst. You’d be arrested. 

By seeing her, I felt darkness of her mind. She wants to be like person on her sparkle account but she insists that she keeps her expectations realistic and can’t be like the woman in her real life. I felt so sad, though. It’s her life and she should control it herself and it seems like giving up her life. It’s too early to decide it. Every people has darkness of their mind but people move forward and put the things behind them for a little while and think about them again.  I want her to find satisfaction in her real life. 

By the way, how do you saying this kind of person  in English ?


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