Through childbirth, I thought about DNA because a same thing happened to me like my mother was suffered. I was healthy pregnant woman but it wasn’t right. 

My doctor told me that I was dignosed with hypertension due to pregnancy. My mother had the same problem so I was born with 1.9kgs. 

Inducting drag was started on Oct 18 and on Oct 20, I had fever,  high- blood pressure and water break. Once water break happens, infection would start within 24 hours. My doctor told me that we should do c-section to save you and your baby. I felt groggy and didn’t remember his explanation. I only felt stuff moved with a rushed way. My c-section was over safely but I had an another problem about rupid beat. It was way fast and doctors were curiosa about it. So now, I took a medicine for my pulse. I was like what’s happening to my body? The medicine for my pulse don’t let me give him breast milk. 

I also have to take antibiotic 3 times a day by drip. My blood vessels are way narrow, so nurses use needle of drip for kids. My mother had narrow blood vessels and used needle for kids. My face and my body have got her gene perfectly. 


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