Happy 1 month old ❤

Kay had 1 month old check-up yesterday. He’s grow up very much and very healthy ☺ 🌟 I was worried about if he cried. He was so quiet in front of nurses. Many people in the hospital talked to him and got compliment “handsome”😎.I found a photo of me at 1 month old and Kay was spit and image of me.  DNA is amazing ! He has an one problem about his belly tummy which hasn’t got dried yet. So, he has to see a  doctor again. 

He practiced to drink breast milk. He did a good job 👍 He bites my nipples so hard, I was almost crying but he looked super happy ❤

I also have a problem. I’ve have eczema since I stayed in the hospital. I was put on a lot of medicines and pregnancy changed my body so much. It’s not gone yet. I want to have an influenza shot but it’s postphoned. My doctor will figure out a week later. 

Doctors and nurses always welcome us. They kept eyes on Kay until I finished paying charges. Their dialect is always warm to me,too. I don’t want to leave my hometown 😢

2 thoughts on “Happy 1 month old ❤

  1. Dear Maya,
    Congratulations on being a new mom! You made it!! And Mr Kay made it too! You have just begun your epic journey which will last for a lifetime!
    Being back in your home in the country side will leave a life long memory of warmth and love. I’m so happy for you! ✨💖✨
    Much love from Mr. Kay’s honorary Auntie!


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