HAPPY οΌ’ month old πŸ’•

Omg it’s the end of Dec and my son Kay is 2 month old 😡 He’s been super doing great. He smiles very often and talks ahhh woooo to me 😁 His power is beyond my expectations Funny thing is that he cackles when he’s sleeping and not like that when he’s awake. Everyday, I take a bath with him. It’s so wonderful to hold him in the wafer. I feel like I’m watching the time he was in my belly. He looks so comfortable. Sometimes he sleeps in the bath. 

Today I got an appointment for shots of Hib, Hepatitis B, Pneumococcus and Norovirus. At the time, he’ll be able to see things more clearly, so he would cry 😭 Be brave, man! 

I think I’m getting used to being mommy now. I can understand his habit and his character little by little. This is the biggest challenge in my life. Let’s see how he grows up 😘


Mess πŸ˜₯

I’m an owner of my parent’s house and now it’s been rented by my friend’s mother and this is a problem now. 

My home town is a small town, so many people are like neighbors and rent a house to someone without deposit and rules. Mostly we make a verbal promise. I’m also the one. My conditions for rent are…

  • Open windows 
  • Use facility 

 Especially I’ve known the mother for many years. She deposits monthly rent money into my account. So looks like she’s decent.  She’s rented the house as her office and she promised she visited there as much as she could and use facilities and open windows and that’s a lie now. 

My neighbors told my aunty that she doesn’t open windows at all. I asked her and she said “Neighbors here are like monitoring me. So it makes me hesitate going there” What an excuse! So I decided to make a formal contract and take an advice from a real estate agent. Of course,  I noticed her about the contract beforehand. 

They advised me following. 

  • Security deposit 
  • Currying Fire insurance 
  • Coming up with a guarantor 

It’s basic rules. I told her about new conditions including above and reminded her that the real estate agent just makes a contract document and not to be mediate between us. 

What’s next?  Even I explained like that, she dashed for the real estate agent and negotiate requested new conditions. It passed me off. That’s crossing a line. I talked with my real estate agent and I’m the landlord and how dare she did. She’s no right to do that. She’s going to contact me sooner or later. I’m going to crazy! 

First snow in town Β 

Yesterday it thundered and today it snowed for a first time this year ❄ What a crazy weather😱 Yesterday was a historical day because President Putin from Russia visited here for summit meeting with Priminister Abe of Japan. Mr.Putin came to this small town,Omg 😡 I was astonished as I heard, but he seemed to like food and Sake here πŸ’• Also he said he liked fantastic scenery with snow. According to news, Mr.Putin might have cancelled his visit out of blue, which was thinkable as people meet him. So, I was happy to hear the news that his plane had landed. 

They talked about the northern territories. Ex-presidents insisted that they want to visit family grave. I believe when I visit grave, I feel like meeting my mother and grandpa. So, it’s unbearable not be able to visit grave. I feel sympathy to them. This snow might be a voice from their ancestors in heaven. 

Greeting card for 2017

Japan has a practice sending New Year greeting card. My husband and I can buy at store or make it ourselves or order on the Internet 😘 We’ve started to order it on the Internet since last year. This time I’m having a lot of spare time so started early. 

This year we welcomed my son, so I decided to make it with a photo of him. There’re a lot of templates. I chose three and made samples. I asked my husband which one he likes and he seemed like the middle one which has green background. Our first greeting card with our son’s photo. There’re two problems. We can’t write a message because of the dark green background πŸ˜₯ There’s ritual that people in mourning don’t send and receive New Year greeting card, so they send mourning greeting card before New Year telling people and I’d received it after making our New Year greeting card from my friend 😲 I’m a little shocked 😡

Finding a wayΒ 

2017 is just around corner πŸ˜€ My life will be brighter and more peaceful. 

One reason is that I will live without my mother in law. We lived together for one and a half year and couldn’t get along each other. My husband and I argued alots about things related her and I just couldn’t abide this situation. A house had living room but it didn’t work like that. Just like her room so I couldn’t invite my friends to tea party. I think I couldn’t get along with her not because of mather in law but her personality. She is OK the way she is. I just can’t live her any more. 

Now I’m being in my hometown due to delivering my son. Once my maternity leave started, I left for my hometown. So, it’s been 4 months since I started to live here. I might have been rude to her but underlying causes couldn’t been solved so it can’t be helped. I had to change this situation in this way and showed her what I thought about by taking an action. 

I really hope we will work out and figure out points we both are OK  and not OK. 

Kanji of this yearΒ 

Kanji of this year in Japan is “金”=”gold”. It was correct chosen kanji if this year. It comes from Japan’ve got many gold medals and applied  negative interest which is written in Japanese γƒžγ‚€γƒŠγ‚Ήι‡‘εˆ© and 金 is included. 

My kanji of this year is “倉”= change.

  •  I become a mom and fertility treatment is over and I’m cuddling my son now. I can’t believe he was in my belly but sure he was. He’s spitting and image of me. Definitely he changed my thought and my life.  
  • I decided to lend my parents house to other and as the same time,  I broke it off with my father. It was awful but can’t be helped for me. He didn’t wrong thing. Just he’s found something more important than me and my sister. 

I was crushed with a lot of emotions and I never expected such experiences. But now these things have solved. I’m relieved and I’m ready for 2017πŸ˜€