Kanji of this year 

Kanji of this year in Japan is “金”=”gold”. It was correct chosen kanji if this year. It comes from Japan’ve got many gold medals and applied  negative interest which is written in Japanese マイナス金利 and 金 is included. 

My kanji of this year is “変”= change.

  •  I become a mom and fertility treatment is over and I’m cuddling my son now. I can’t believe he was in my belly but sure he was. He’s spitting and image of me. Definitely he changed my thought and my life.  
  • I decided to lend my parents house to other and as the same time,  I broke it off with my father. It was awful but can’t be helped for me. He didn’t wrong thing. Just he’s found something more important than me and my sister. 

I was crushed with a lot of emotions and I never expected such experiences. But now these things have solved. I’m relieved and I’m ready for 2017😀


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