Finding a way 

2017 is just around corner 😀 My life will be brighter and more peaceful. 

One reason is that I will live without my mother in law. We lived together for one and a half year and couldn’t get along each other. My husband and I argued alots about things related her and I just couldn’t abide this situation. A house had living room but it didn’t work like that. Just like her room so I couldn’t invite my friends to tea party. I think I couldn’t get along with her not because of mather in law but her personality. She is OK the way she is. I just can’t live her any more. 

Now I’m being in my hometown due to delivering my son. Once my maternity leave started, I left for my hometown. So, it’s been 4 months since I started to live here. I might have been rude to her but underlying causes couldn’t been solved so it can’t be helped. I had to change this situation in this way and showed her what I thought about by taking an action. 

I really hope we will work out and figure out points we both are OK  and not OK. 

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