First snow in town  

Yesterday it thundered and today it snowed for a first time this year ❄ What a crazy weather😱 Yesterday was a historical day because President Putin from Russia visited here for summit meeting with Priminister Abe of Japan. Mr.Putin came to this small town,Omg 😵 I was astonished as I heard, but he seemed to like food and Sake here 💕 Also he said he liked fantastic scenery with snow. According to news, Mr.Putin might have cancelled his visit out of blue, which was thinkable as people meet him. So, I was happy to hear the news that his plane had landed. 

They talked about the northern territories. Ex-presidents insisted that they want to visit family grave. I believe when I visit grave, I feel like meeting my mother and grandpa. So, it’s unbearable not be able to visit grave. I feel sympathy to them. This snow might be a voice from their ancestors in heaven. 


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