Mess ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

I’m an owner of my parent’s house and now it’s been rented by my friend’s mother and this is a problem now. 

My home town is a small town, so many people are like neighbors and rent a house to someone without deposit and rules. Mostly we make a verbal promise. I’m also the one. My conditions for rent are…

  • Open windows 
  • Use facility 

 Especially I’ve known the mother for many years. She deposits monthly rent money into my account. So looks like she’s decent.  She’s rented the house as her office and she promised she visited there as much as she could and use facilities and open windows and that’s a lie now. 

My neighbors told my aunty that she doesn’t open windows at all. I asked her and she said “Neighbors here are like monitoring me. So it makes me hesitate going there” What an excuse! So I decided to make a formal contract and take an advice from a real estate agent. Of course,  I noticed her about the contract beforehand. 

They advised me following. 

  • Security deposit 
  • Currying Fire insurance 
  • Coming up with a guarantor 

It’s basic rules. I told her about new conditions including above and reminded her that the real estate agent just makes a contract document and not to be mediate between us. 

What’s next?  Even I explained like that, she dashed for the real estate agent and negotiate requested new conditions. It passed me off. That’s crossing a line. I talked with my real estate agent and I’m the landlord and how dare she did. She’s no right to do that. She’s going to contact me sooner or later. I’m going to crazy! 


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