HAPPY οΌ’ month old πŸ’•

Omg it’s the end of Dec and my son Kay is 2 month old 😡 He’s been super doing great. He smiles very often and talks ahhh woooo to me 😁 His power is beyond my expectations Funny thing is that he cackles when he’s sleeping and not like that when he’s awake. Everyday, I take a bath with him. It’s so wonderful to hold him in the wafer. I feel like I’m watching the time he was in my belly. He looks so comfortable. Sometimes he sleeps in the bath. 

Today I got an appointment for shots of Hib, Hepatitis B, Pneumococcus and Norovirus. At the time, he’ll be able to see things more clearly, so he would cry 😭 Be brave, man! 

I think I’m getting used to being mommy now. I can understand his habit and his character little by little. This is the biggest challenge in my life. Let’s see how he grows up 😘

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