Happy 3 month old.Β 

He turned 3 month oldπŸ’• He likes to exercise and hold things now. Now, he practices rolling over and prone posture. It’s adorable to see when he’s doing those things. 

The other day,we had a health nurse visit. The nurse checked up his grow and gave us advices. She was surprised at how talkative he was. He’s been bigger and bigger. He’s Mr. Kay but his name could be Mr. Square as well. 

On Jan 22, it was my first birthday since I became a mother. I appreciate my mother more than ever before. Becoming a mother was harder than I expected. But it’s so amazing to have a kid. I wish she could hold him.

The other day,  I got a letter from my mother’s friend. She sent me congratulation money, so I sent a gift in return and then she sent me thank-you letter. 

I think my mother has her friends keep eyes on me and my sister in stead of her. They always care about us. Even my mother passed away, we still stay connect. The more I love my son, the more I think of my mother. It’s a shame that we can’t share experiences together, which I’ve been thinking about. 



After doing landry, people in Japan hang them up outside and when it’s sunny, they get dry perfectly but it’s not, they irritate us. Recent washing machine with a build-in dryer is good but it can’t get them dry enough. So I’ve been looking for a nice way and today I came up with the idea. 

I set up a bar in front of the air conditioning machine and hang them up. No more stress because of them.  

Batter’s boxΒ 

New TV drama about single chicks has started in Japan. They are 30 and now and fighting tooth and nail to get married now. When they were 20, they never expected their situation and they brought back the past. They said

 ” We just stepped in batter’s box but didn’t try to hit and just observed or criticized desperating friends from bench . All results came from it. The friends hit and run, which means they found someone or got married. “

I like this expression. I had many experiences that I just stepped in batter’s box and didn’t swing a bat. It’s not only about love and boys but about my life and I can’t turn back the clock. Challenging is important πŸ”₯ 

Sucking thumb πŸ‘Β 

He’s started to suck his thumb πŸ‘ A week ago, he pushed his whole hand into his mouth but now he can clearly see his thumb. Baby is a quick leaner and I wish I could do that, too. He doesn’t seem to like using his pacifier so far. Yep, no doubt that he’s rolling over soon. 

Busy 😡

My son has been doing great 😘

I made baby bib before my son was born I did hand stitches so some of the parts are rough but still it’s baby bib and now it’s time to use itπŸ€—

He can lift his head and he speaks louder than before. He’s almost 3 months old. We will have a lot of ritual events ahead. One is visiting shrine, called “Omiyamairi”and another is celebrating 100 days since a baby is born, which is” Outcome”. 
Omiyamairi is similar to Christian baptism ceremony. As the baby’s grandparents hold him or her, the priest presents the news of the birth to the Guardians sprit of the shrine and effort thank. He then asks the spirit to protect the baby and keep him or her healthy. During the ceremony, the baby wears Kimono. Usually,Kimono is  passed down from father to son  and mother to daughter. My husband doesn’t have it so I borrowed it from my cousin’sπŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Omiyamairi for my son will be held on Jan 21St. 

“Okuizome ” is a ceremony held after 100,110 or 120 days after a new baby’s birth. In the ceremony, the baby is made to pretend to eat a meal with parents ‘ hope that this baby will never need to worry about food during a lifetime. It’ll be held on Jan 28th. 

I’ll update each event with photo πŸ“· πŸ’“


Since I graduated from high school and left my hometown, it’s a been 12 year. I got used to live in big city and made a lot of friends here.  Many experiences has grew me up  and I’ve met many very nice people.

However, I’ve been always miss my hometown. Someday I want to live in my hometown again. I keenly feel the importance of my family πŸ‘ͺ and my husband is not so close to his family and his relatives. But he gets along with my family so it’s possible to go back to my hometown with him. 

We have just embarked on our new chapter in our life. There will be bunch of amazing things ahead😁