Back in my place 

I’m back in my place on Jan 4th. I stayed in my hometown for 4 months. I’m very happy to stay with my family. I couldn’t go through my delivery without them. I realized that they are my family and my best supporters. 

The other day, I wrote about looking for a new place and we found the one.  It’s a renovated house. The house is renovated now ,so when we move in, inside is very clean and new.  I’m very happy that we found good one and I’m sure my husband and I and my son are getting peaceful new life without mother-in-law . And I was shocked that she asked brother-in-law back home living with her. I think that she is out of line. 

Regarding finding a new place, my husband apologized me about living with mother-in-law. It’s only 2 years but I couldn’t take it. I didn’t feel being myself and I felt someone was controlling my life. I’ve married to my husband to be happy but we lost meaning of love and marriage. We had to do fertility treatment and we’ve got son. We need to change life for better for him as one family and we deserve it.  


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