Busy 😡

My son has been doing great 😘

I made baby bib before my son was born I did hand stitches so some of the parts are rough but still it’s baby bib and now it’s time to use itπŸ€—

He can lift his head and he speaks louder than before. He’s almost 3 months old. We will have a lot of ritual events ahead. One is visiting shrine, called “Omiyamairi”and another is celebrating 100 days since a baby is born, which is” Outcome”. 
Omiyamairi is similar to Christian baptism ceremony. As the baby’s grandparents hold him or her, the priest presents the news of the birth to the Guardians sprit of the shrine and effort thank. He then asks the spirit to protect the baby and keep him or her healthy. During the ceremony, the baby wears Kimono. Usually,Kimono is  passed down from father to son  and mother to daughter. My husband doesn’t have it so I borrowed it from my cousin’sπŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Omiyamairi for my son will be held on Jan 21St. 

“Okuizome ” is a ceremony held after 100,110 or 120 days after a new baby’s birth. In the ceremony, the baby is made to pretend to eat a meal with parents ‘ hope that this baby will never need to worry about food during a lifetime. It’ll be held on Jan 28th. 

I’ll update each event with photo πŸ“· πŸ’“


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