Batter’s box 

New TV drama about single chicks has started in Japan. They are 30 and now and fighting tooth and nail to get married now. When they were 20, they never expected their situation and they brought back the past. They said

 ” We just stepped in batter’s box but didn’t try to hit and just observed or criticized desperating friends from bench . All results came from it. The friends hit and run, which means they found someone or got married. “

I like this expression. I had many experiences that I just stepped in batter’s box and didn’t swing a bat. It’s not only about love and boys but about my life and I can’t turn back the clock. Challenging is important 🔥 


2 thoughts on “Batter’s box 

    • It’s love comedy drama from a comic.
      People are always under pressure or fighting in their life. I think when I think life is hard, it’s better to imagine batter’s box and think positive. Indeed, life never be easy😀


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