Happy 3 month old. 

He turned 3 month old💕 He likes to exercise and hold things now. Now, he practices rolling over and prone posture. It’s adorable to see when he’s doing those things. 

The other day,we had a health nurse visit. The nurse checked up his grow and gave us advices. She was surprised at how talkative he was. He’s been bigger and bigger. He’s Mr. Kay but his name could be Mr. Square as well. 

On Jan 22, it was my first birthday since I became a mother. I appreciate my mother more than ever before. Becoming a mother was harder than I expected. But it’s so amazing to have a kid. I wish she could hold him.

The other day,  I got a letter from my mother’s friend. She sent me congratulation money, so I sent a gift in return and then she sent me thank-you letter. 

I think my mother has her friends keep eyes on me and my sister in stead of her. They always care about us. Even my mother passed away, we still stay connect. The more I love my son, the more I think of my mother. It’s a shame that we can’t share experiences together, which I’ve been thinking about. 


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