2 ceremonies are over. 

On January 21, we took my son to a shrine! It’s one of important ceremony for a new born baby, which called “Omiyamairi “Priest prayed his good life and after that we took pics. He wore Kimono 👘.  

Another ceremony is “Okuizome” was on Jan 28.  We hold food by chopsticks and touched his lips with food. 

Menu : Grilled red bream, Soup with clam,  red rice, simmered food(Veggies:Yum, carrots, lotus)

I was a little worried about making these dishes.  I ordered only the grilled red bream on the Internet and cooked other dishes.  The red 2 plates and the tray and chopsticks were sent by the shrine at Omiyamairi. He seemed to like enjoying dishes 💕 I hope his bliriant future  with a lot of nice people and stay healthy 😍 


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