Chubby and proud

Before reading my post, please read the below article👯

She’s my favorite comidian and literally she’s huge in Japan. But she’s always pretty and fashionable and has a nice sense of humor. Her comedian style is not only diverting  but also making weak point positive. I want you to check her Instagram and you probably understand what I mean. 

About me, I have a few things I want to change in my appearance. 

  • I want a bigger month than now. 
  • I want to be a taller at least 63 inches. 
  • I have a mole in my face and sometimes I want to remove it. 

The above can’t change easily. I believe that my face and my appearance by nature are the best of me created by God or Bhudda and think my fate and my luck would change in a wrong way. With hindsight, I love myself. I am not the person everyone asks for, but there are many ways to make me bright and shiny. 

Accepting yourself is difficult and the more I got older, the more it’s hard. I’m distracted by many things and other people and can’t stick to my belief. She’s popular comedian, so she has power to change society like producing clothes for chubby females. 

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