Life is good. 

OK I’ve moved out on March 4th. Yes this is life I wanted. It’s peaceful and freedom. I’m OK to contact with mother-in-law and I think our relationship is also good. 

While I was away from my blog, what did you miss?

1. Applying for educational saving for Mr.Kay. 

After examining several companies, my husband and I picked up one my medical insurance company offered. They are one of insurance companies in my hometow and I delivered my son by C-section and made a claim on medical insurance. At the same time, they knew that I have new born baby and offered me thier plan.  Good things is that they have a good yield and came over my place to explained the plan. Their tactic is  visiting customer’s place. It’s small town and intimacy is important. People like me can’t go outside with a baby easily. I like thier style. This is for Mr.Kay’s future and an important money manage. 

2. NO TV Life.

We became a cable subscriber due to TV interference in this area and we have to wait for the constraction for a month. I’m stay at home mom and even though I’m busy with Mr. Kay, still I miss TV.  I’ve watched some programs on the Internet, which help us. I watch Grey’s anatomy all day and I believe that Mr. Kay hears English more than Japanese. This one month is for Mr.kay to make English brain and ears.  

3. Tax issue. 

I have house rent income. Last year was too much cost ,so I didn’t have to file tax return but I was supposed to be imposed resident tax on it. So, I asked my accountant friend to calculate depreciation on the house.  And my house rent income was offset by it, which means I didn’t have to impose resident tax. I’m so happy and I need to understand calculation for the depreciation. 

These things happened recently. I think knowing society system and knowledge is important and unknowing is just out of the way. I need to read more books. 


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