Happy 5 month old 💕 

I couldn’t post about 4 month old Mr. Kay. Sorry 🙏 I was busy with moving out prep and running errands. 

Anyway,  Mr.Kay has been a good baby. He got 3 inoculations recently. He’s a tough cookie. He didn’t cry a lot. My husband and I were more intense than him 😲 

One of main events around 5 month old is starting baby food. I made rice gruel and grind it to a paste and put it in ice tray and keep it in the freezer bag. This is Mickey mouse ice cube 🐭 So I don’t have to make it each time and just warm it up by microwave when he eats. 

Yesterday,  I gave him one tea spoon of rice gruel and he smiled 😀 I will give him the same thing for a week and if there’re no problems, he will step up to vegetables.

I enjoy to see  the process how he adjusts. He’s learning something new day by day and I’m so blessed with stirring moments everyday. Stay at home mom isn’t easy. When I wasn’t a mom yet,  I was swamped with work and now I can stay at home all day but my schedule doesn’t make a go of it. So I have to find a way to make my time for such a writing  my blog. So the best way to write my blog is wring while I cuddle him. He sleeps so I don’t have to play with him. I can do meditation while he’s drinking a milk. I sit and hold him in a cross-legged position and close my eyes for 2-3mins and calm down. I need to learn the rope and I’ll take a cue from the voice of experience. 


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