I heared and remembered the word “Shallow” from Grey’s anatomy. There’s a person Alex Karev in the drama. People think him as shallow because his attitude is too direct and misleading. But I like his character because he takes care of what he feels important and even though he is impolite to his patient, it’s not always wrong. He tries to let a patient and the family see the reality.

I want one person like him in my life and would take a cue from he/her to make a wise decision.


2 thoughts on “Shallow

  1. This reminds me of a friend I have. She is very direct and always speaks her mind without thinking about other people’s feelings. We often say–she is unfiltered. What comes to mind. She says it.
    That would be difficult in Japan wouldn’t it??


    • That would be difficult in Japan. Modest is the best behavior in Japan 😀 I love “unfiltered” I can be unfiltered only to my husband because I’m Mayamp!


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