Happy birthday to my son🎊

On October 20, my son turned 1 year old. I’m so greatful that he’s spent this year healthy and he makes me happy everyday. When I look back on my pregnancy , it’d been rough days.

He was a breech baby and ended up placing right position. I was doubted to be suffered from pregnancy diabetes but I was not. He had a possibility to have spina bifida but he was not. I was suffered from pregnancy hypertension and delivered him by c-section. During the procedure, I got transient tachycardia and had to take medicine for a month and couldn’t let him practice breastfeeding. Eventually he was never breast-feeded.

I do understand these things were paths that I had to go through to be a mother and felt like being tested if I could pass each issue. About breastfeeding, I was the only mother who gave a baby a bottle in the hospital. I was unavailable when my condition was insecurity and it got me hurt and was heartbreaking experiece’d never experienced.

Now He’s adventurous . He eats well and doing yoga himself. If I choose the best job in this world, I’d say mother. Mother is on the go from morning till night for a kid, but can’t be replaced to other. I also appreciate that he chose me as his mother ❀️



My son started to attend English class recently. Even though he’s 11 month old, he gets homework. (Mommy has to do most of it. )

This time, coloring! Look what he was doing. I liked how he picked up a colored pencil and he looked so serious.

I was little surprised that he hold a colored pencil like an adult does.

I’m sure it will take time for him to understand coloring, but I always have a fun to stay with him doing something together. Learning English is also a part of it. Now I’m trying to show him speaking English and watching TV in English together. What I want him to do is not just speaking English, but also he can communicate with people from all over the world and get more informations than informations in only Japanese. I will quit giving him this environment if he feels to be forced to do it 😊 At least I’m so greatful that I understand EnglishπŸ€πŸ’•

My little chef.

My son likes to watch a process of cooking. When I’m cooking, he needs to hold him to let him watch cooking scenery. I made omlet with miced meat and vegies.

Dinner and he were ready to eat. I went to kitchen and looked away for a second, this happened.

He ate omlet for dad and mom and the egg was dropped. Omg 😡

He didn’t touch his dinner yet. This was planned

Yakiniku lunch πŸ–

Last Thursday, I had lunch with mom friend at Grilled meat restaurant(Yakiniku in Japanese ). This restaurant is awesome! They have private rooms with kids play space. TV, DVD and toys are prepared.

My son was so excited about toys and Thomas DVD. Mom friend’s baby and my son had a great playdate.

We,moms took our time eating 😊 and babies stayed away from a griller, so it was safe. Many moms are negative about Yakiniku with babies. This room just make us happy😍😍😍 I definitely had such a great time ⌚