Reunion with my gynie😀

It’s December❄️ Christmas is just around corner and New year is coming soon , too. Before New year, I have things to do.

1. Prepare New year greeting card ✅

2. Book bullet train seats to go back to my home ❎

3. Take cevix cancer and breast cancer screening ✅

4. Cleaning my house ❎


I still have a lots of things to do but been busy 🆖 Today, I’m writing about No.3. It was time I’ve waited for a long time. 

Why? Because I visited my gynecologist who was taking care of our fetelity treatment and finally could tell him that we had a beautiful baby boy. He was also very happy and  started to talk about our 2nd baby. He was concerned about my husband’s sperm condition. When I got pregnant, his sperm condition was not so good even though he took a surgery for it. Therefore, for my gynecologist, it was un-heard of pregnancy. We had tried more than 5 times AIH and all failed but I got pregnant naturally. My baby has been a real gift. To get pregnant , my gynecologist and I talked a lot and I’m sure he’s one of memorable person in my life. 


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