First Day in daycare

On April 2nd is a big day for my son. It’s the first day in daycare. He spent time there for 1 hour 9am-10am. I left his items in the shelf and he stared to cry loudly, but I sneaked out. The moment I left for the first time was easier than I was expected. Maybe most of babies were crying.

While he was there, I waited for pick-up time at a cafe with a mama friend, who is a neighbor and a baby swimming classmate. I’m so lucky to have my company😀

1 hour flied by quickly. My son seemed to finish his day with outbursts of tears and got fever because of it and denied snack time.

His teacher told me that crying in the beginning is the better and he’d adjust new life style little by little. He did good job👍😍 He stated to nap once he arrived at home.

I was so nervous about his first day because of his location anxiety and stranger anxiety. His reaction was expected and we’ve been through. Tomorrow he’s going to there again with the same time. I’ll keep update 🤗


2 thoughts on “First Day in daycare

  1. COngratulations!! Mr. Kay made it through his first day of baby daycare—and mom did too! You have made great progress and I’m excited to see how you both do over the next couple of weeks. He loves playing with others and I’m confident he will fit in soon!
    Good job mom! ✨💖✨


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