Greeting card for 2017

Japan has a practice sending New Year greeting card. My husband and I can buy at store or make it ourselves or order on the Internet 😘 We’ve started to order it on the Internet since last year. This time I’m having a lot of spare time so started early. 

This year we welcomed my son, so I decided to make it with a photo of him. There’re a lot of templates. I chose three and made samples. I asked my husband which one he likes and he seemed like the middle one which has green background. Our first greeting card with our son’s photo. There’re two problems. We can’t write a message because of the dark green background πŸ˜₯ There’s ritual that people in mourning don’t send and receive New Year greeting card, so they send mourning greeting card before New Year telling people and I’d received it after making our New Year greeting card from my friend 😲 I’m a little shocked 😡