I heared and remembered the word “Shallow” from Grey’s anatomy. There’s a person Alex Karev in the drama. People think him as shallow because his attitude is too direct and misleading. But I like his character because he takes care of what he feels important and even though he is impolite to his patient, it’s not always wrong. He tries to let a patient and the family see the reality.

I want one person like him in my life and would take a cue from he/her to make a wise decision.


Hidden story

I believe that a story always has two sides. One is perspective from other and another is perspective from person concerned.

In my experiences, some people told me their opinion which was valid, but it wasn’t realistic. I eventially forced myself to do it and it fell apart. I learned that I had to stand in my belief and was free of others’ opinion. Those who judged a problem I had and gave me advice but they were shallow – hearted. I also learned that people advice you but when they were in the same trouble, they couldn’t do like they told us. Putting on other’s shoes is important!


I don’t use fragrance for myself, but I’m sensitive to smell. My first boyfriend used fragrance and I still remember what it smells like. When I pass someone using the same fragrance, it remins me of the ex. I learned fragrance is important to leave the impression 😀


About this topic,  I can only think about my secound cousin “Minami”. She’s a lovely 10 year old girl but we have a small fight when we meet! But she always follow me! I think we harmonize and  It’s love turned inside out ❤️ She sends me a text regularly and we catch up! I’m going back to home soon. Can’t wait to see her!


It’s been 4 years since I’ve got married to my husband. Before two months before our wedding,  my mom passed away.  One year later after our wedding , we started to live with my mother-in-law and our life style was way different and didn’t work and at the same time, we found it out that my dad was dating my mom’s friend and we fell apart. We also had to worked on fertility treatment. 

We’re still early 30, and this four years, we’d gone through plenty of issues we never saw coming. However, we decided to make them energy. We ended up having our son. He dispels whole issues.

Finding a way 

2017 is just around corner 😀 My life will be brighter and more peaceful. 

One reason is that I will live without my mother in law. We lived together for one and a half year and couldn’t get along each other. My husband and I argued alots about things related her and I just couldn’t abide this situation. A house had living room but it didn’t work like that. Just like her room so I couldn’t invite my friends to tea party. I think I couldn’t get along with her not because of mather in law but her personality. She is OK the way she is. I just can’t live her any more. 

Now I’m being in my hometown due to delivering my son. Once my maternity leave started, I left for my hometown. So, it’s been 4 months since I started to live here. I might have been rude to her but underlying causes couldn’t been solved so it can’t be helped. I had to change this situation in this way and showed her what I thought about by taking an action. 

I really hope we will work out and figure out points we both are OK  and not OK. 


Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt Breakthrough .

When you face difficulty or something bad, there’s always a way to breakthrough. In my experience, when I had an end, there was something I hadn’t seen and found a new perspective.

However, I have a problem. The more I get older, the harder I try new things. Many mistakes grow people up in early age and now I only feel fear.

When it comes to learning English, I should make a lot of mistakes. Even though I had a wonderful year in Canada, I felt something missing. I met wonderful people and there was a small window of opportunity to improve my English in my daily life. everyday wasn’t same. But I didn’t notice it. And now, I don’t know when I see breakthrough to my English and even it takes me times and intractable mistakes beats the hell out of never trying. I’m not so brave like before, but keep trying that’s I still can.

The other day, I was supposed to say “My husband passed out twice” but I said “My husband passed away twice “. This mistake is important to stuck “pass out”in my brain in funny way.