Finding a way 

2017 is just around corner 😀 My life will be brighter and more peaceful. 

One reason is that I will live without my mother in law. We lived together for one and a half year and couldn’t get along each other. My husband and I argued alots about things related her and I just couldn’t abide this situation. A house had living room but it didn’t work like that. Just like her room so I couldn’t invite my friends to tea party. I think I couldn’t get along with her not because of mather in law but her personality. She is OK the way she is. I just can’t live her any more. 

Now I’m being in my hometown due to delivering my son. Once my maternity leave started, I left for my hometown. So, it’s been 4 months since I started to live here. I might have been rude to her but underlying causes couldn’t been solved so it can’t be helped. I had to change this situation in this way and showed her what I thought about by taking an action. 

I really hope we will work out and figure out points we both are OK  and not OK. 


Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt Breakthrough .

When you face difficulty or something bad, there’s always a way to breakthrough. In my experience, when I had an end, there was something I hadn’t seen and found a new perspective.

However, I have a problem. The more I get older, the harder I try new things. Many mistakes grow people up in early age and now I only feel fear.

When it comes to learning English, I should make a lot of mistakes. Even though I had a wonderful year in Canada, I felt something missing. I met wonderful people and there was a small window of opportunity to improve my English in my daily life. everyday wasn’t same. But I didn’t notice it. And now, I don’t know when I see breakthrough to my English and even it takes me times and intractable mistakes beats the hell out of never trying. I’m not so brave like before, but keep trying that’s I still can.

The other day, I was supposed to say “My husband passed out twice” but I said “My husband passed away twice “. This mistake is important to stuck “pass out”in my brain in funny way. 


Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt​ “Dramatic

Do you believe urban legend that marriage life would be successful when you get married to No.2 loved one? 

Hmmm…it might be right for me. My husband is the best for me but I didn’t feel something special. I can be myself and don’t have to be pretend as someone. Being natural was the key to get married to him! Of course, I love him more than anything💓

The other day, I remembered No.1. We didn’t work out and both we couldn’t stay together when each of us needed either. Once I stated to date with my husband, he also contacted me and I pushed him away. When I got engaged to my husband, I met him to show off my engagement ring and had lunch. The reason I could meet him was he had a girlfriend and both of us had moved on. I realized that I was so obstinate that’s why I wore my engagement ring to see him as if I told him that he could’ve done the same to me. I’m sure that he was No.1 but not for marriage to me. Spending time with him was awesome and it’s still great memories. Even though we didn’t work out, if we meet, we could have a casual conversation without romantic feeling. 

Why I remember this relationship is related to one of my colleague. She’s divorced recently due to no moral husband. She wanted to sleep in bed but he wanted to sleep in Futon. She wanted her daughter to learn swimming but he couldn’t accept it. Everything was objection.  She finally realized they didn’t love each other from the beginning and now she started to date with her ex. They both knew that they should have been together and just couldn’t be at that time. 

Another example is about my colleague. She can’t attend company events because there are males. If she warned to attend, she needs to tell a lie as if she were with girls. The other day, we attend dinner with clients but before it, we stopped by a bar and had a drink and took a picture as an alibi.

Marriage life is always dramatic and unexpected. Each person and a couple have their own rule and a form of love. I can’t tell my marriage is perfect but my husband is a compelling personality. 


Write a new post in response to Drive !

Nice prompt ! My family got a new car recently and yesterday I drove for the first time. It’s a stealth car and smoothly accelerate. I love it !

Yesterday, I had a talk to my English teacher Debi and she asked me “Have you done anything for the first time recently?”My answer was a driving new car! And her first time event was also driving a car. Our conrversation is always blast!

I’m not good at packing and I really need to practice, If I can do it myself, I can take my family to anywhere, especially my kid. So now I’m trying to overcome it 😉


Since I’m pregnant, I’ve started to think about being parent. At the same time, I think about my parents. My mother passed away already and I don’t contact my father in certain reasons. There were many tradegies in my family and we couldn’t go through and support each other. In the end, it highlights our family problems and we couldn’t get back to like before. When I was 20’s, I thought it was all my parents’ fault. They should have made a good family and became good parents to my sister and me. But now, I don’t think like that. They didn’t work out as a wife and a husband and I thought it wasn’t good parents. Now I can realize that good parents doesn’t mean good spouses. I shouldn’t think about it all together. I have gratitude for them very much now.  I’m learning about a relationship with my husband. Honestly it’s hard! But there’s something meaningful to stay with him to me. He will be the best father and a great husband 😉


Write a new post in response to Nightmare !

Nightmare is seeing a dream about work to me and sometimes I feel deja vu. Especially when I am busy and have something worry in mind. My peronal life is occupied by work, however it’s over. I’ll be starting paid matanity leave and paid parental leave for 18 months.  I reconfirmed my company’s benefit package and it’s not bad.

Well, It’s been nightmare to hear tragedies on the news. Violence and Killing people are open-ended and that makes me gut-wrenching. Each people have life, family, hope and etc. I’m bitterly disappointed at recent tradedies and loss of people lives.



Write a new post in response to Storm !

In my brain, there is always storm. I probably think too much and it takes me time to collect my thought.  It’s good because my thought would become solid and it makes me stubburn sometimes. My brain is like Inside out movie, too. Since watched the movie, I see myself objectively. It’s fun to see “What I am doing and what I am thinking”, which I can understand my true thought. I’m sure that I make a wise decision by storm in my brain 😀