New approach

Yesterday  I attended an event for English leaners. It was a great opportunity to an author of study guide I’ve used.  It was comfortable atmosphere and other paticipants had a lot of motivations for learning English. I felt leaning English alone recently so meeting them is a great reassurance to me. 

I learned  that how important simple English was and using difficult or complex expression didn’t  sound good depended on situation. Now I am thinking about how I choose words and finding simple expression. 

I can’t write in my blog everyday but I’ve started Twitter in Englsih.
Please follow me if you are interested in. 



It’s over 😀

Finally my Eiken exam (English exam in Japan)was over 🌟. It was relatively simple exam but it was not easy  for me. Cross your finger please💓

At the exam, I was flummoxed because there were elementary school students to take the exam with me. I thought time has changed and it become increasingly globalized. One thing I can tell you that their mothers  motivate them to study English. Am I going to be like them when I have a kid❓I really hope that children set their intentions to study English thenselves. 

When I was an elementary school student, I loved to watch ER, Full house and Ally McBeal and I thought why I couldn’t understand English over and over.   When I was in junior high, I met an assistant language teacher from USA. I can tell you she changed my life. She was my first native English speaker teacher and she asked students to handed in English a short essay every class  and I was into writing English and I handed in essays almost everyday and I was waiting for her reply and was happy that she understood my English.  I visited her in Portland, Oregon from Japan  and brought it to her and saw it together. It’s still my treasure and when I read it sometimes, I always get my motivation back  to keep study English. I believe the essays conduced me to writing my blog🌺

All roads lead to Rome and Rome was not built in a day🇮🇹

MOOC (massive online open course)

I’ve just started MOOC !!
It’s hard for me to study abroad in my circumstances but I still want to learn something in English. That must keep my English and that’s a different approach to improve learning English.
I read books and write my blog here and sometimes go English cafe to have conversations with English speakers. It’s not enough but I try as much as I can.
As the beginning, I chose a course “crafting an effective writer: tools of the trade (fundamental english writer)” . This is gonna work for me as a blogger and I can restudy grammar and how we make a sentence.
I make lots of errors on my English and this is also chance to fix my bad habit.
There’re lots of courses so I hope I will try and learn new things !

How much I use English this week?

I am an English learner so it’s great to have opportunity to use English .

This week was a hard week because I had a problem at work.
I had a shipment to Asian country but before carrying it in airline warehouse, the airline I booked refused my booking. There’re things we can’t enclose in the same parcel and we did. But how come they informed us so late? Since then, we’ve been in trouble and I urgently emailed local office to explains the situation and explained my customer as well.
Lots of conversations with my local people, it’s getting close to the end.
After work, I watched “drop dead diva” everyday and slept.
I dreamed about work too.

Today is Saturday. I went to English cafe to talk with foreigners.
I exploded what happened this week to them. Mast of people was first meeting. I spoke very well today. My work problem might improve my English !


This afternoon my friend and I went to English cafe where is cafe talking to people in English. Today’s host was Russian female.
We talked about lots of things but I found it frustrating not to be able to say fluently. Improving foreign language isn’t easy and we just need to get used to it. I am so worried what if my English wouldn’t change next 10 years.
I’ve been climbing Mt.fuji now and the top of it look very far.
Just saying !!