Since I graduated from high school and left my hometown, it’s a been 12 year. I got used to live in big city and made a lot of friends here.  Many experiences has grew me up  and I’ve met many very nice people.

However, I’ve been always miss my hometown. Someday I want to live in my hometown again. I keenly feel the importance of my family 👪 and my husband is not so close to his family and his relatives. But he gets along with my family so it’s possible to go back to my hometown with him. 

We have just embarked on our new chapter in our life. There will be bunch of amazing things ahead😁


Through childbirth, I thought about DNA because a same thing happened to me like my mother was suffered. I was healthy pregnant woman but it wasn’t right. 

My doctor told me that I was dignosed with hypertension due to pregnancy. My mother had the same problem so I was born with 1.9kgs. 

Inducting drag was started on Oct 18 and on Oct 20, I had fever,  high- blood pressure and water break. Once water break happens, infection would start within 24 hours. My doctor told me that we should do c-section to save you and your baby. I felt groggy and didn’t remember his explanation. I only felt stuff moved with a rushed way. My c-section was over safely but I had an another problem about rupid beat. It was way fast and doctors were curiosa about it. So now, I took a medicine for my pulse. I was like what’s happening to my body? The medicine for my pulse don’t let me give him breast milk. 

I also have to take antibiotic 3 times a day by drip. My blood vessels are way narrow, so nurses use needle of drip for kids. My mother had narrow blood vessels and used needle for kids. My face and my body have got her gene perfectly. 

Lunch box

My cousin has three kids in junior high, elementary school and preschool. Most Japanese school has sports festival in autum. This year, thier sports festivals were held three weeks in a row. This is hard for mother out there. Student family goes see it with lunch box  for family and family invites guests, too. Hence, our lunch box became like this. 

Menus are …. Rice balls,Bean cake, fried shrimp,fried meat,fried egg, salad, sandwich, Edamame, boiled shrimp, candied sweet potato, Boiled egg , simmered dish and so on. To make everything,  my cousin, her mother(my aunt) and I had to get up at 4 in the morning. Usually I don’t help them but now I’m back in my hometown so, I had to !

I appreciate my mother  who did to my sister and me for every sports festival and usual lunch box. Her cooking was delicious and looked  colorful. Even my friends remember how it looked like. It impressed them very much with it. I believe that making fabulous lunch box is also showing love from mother. I’m going to do same things to my son. The time I can do to him is very short because a kid will grow up soon. I also learn a lot of things from my aunt(my mother’s older sister). She treats us like her daughters. I know her love that’s why l love my nephew and my niece more than needs 💖 

Friendly level 

Do you have someone who have a kid and thier relationship is strangely too close?  I watched TV show and the topic was relationship between parents and the problem is that parents can’t scold thier kid and they read the kid’s expression, which mean they can’t educate properly. 

As thought of my parents, they loved so much and especially I had a good relationship with my mom. She took care of me and my sister and always told us what a problem was and what a good thing was. We were never like friends and never exist blurring the line between a parent and a kid. 

In the TV show, the following topics were came up. 

1. Dressing together 

I dressed together when I was a little with my mom. It was a good memory. But I didn’t do that when I grew up. Recent daughter and mother tend to wear same cloths. Daughter is happy because they look like friends and mother is happy because she look young. I think if my mom does the same thing, I’d really hate it. She’d have her own style. 

2.  Kids decide theirs job by talking to thier parents and employers also talk to parents before hiring them. 

This topic got me freak out. Kids have to take responsibility for thier life themselves. Parents can give them advices but it shouldn’t influence their decision. There are called “monster  parents”, so employers have time to meet thier parents, otherwise, some parents sue company if something bad happens to kids. I thought this society is really twisted. 

I’m pregnant with my first baby. I realized that relationship with my kid is very important. Support and over-protect might be paper line. I really talk to my husband about this. 

Baby bib!! 

I sew baby bibs by hand. All materials were from one dollar shop. This time,they are reversible. I have to level up to the next level. What I’m going to make ?  

Baby bib No.1 One side is frog.

Baby bib No.1 Another side is polka dot.

Baby bib No.2 One side is printed car.

Baby bib No.2 Another side is polka dot.

Matanity girdle 

My pregnant life is now 5 months.  YEY!! Everything is going well so far. 

Last weekend I’ve got maternity girdle from my grandmother and my anty. There is practice that 5 month pregnant-woman go to a shrine with maternity girdle to pray an easy birth on the day of dog which is a lucky day of childbirth.   A dog’s delivery seems not so hard and Japanese people follow the example of it. They day comes every 12 days. 

My anty already went to a shrine to pray for me, so I don’t have to go there myself. May 16 was the day of dog and I put maternity girdle on. This one has removable bands, so when I sleep, I take it out .  This weekend I have an ultrasound ! I really hope I know the sex of baby. 


Happy Mother’s Day💖✨💖

My mother has passed away already,so my sister and I can’t celebrate the day directly, but she’s alwas in our mind and this Mother’s Day is very special for two reasons. 

Reason 1. I’m pregnant and I feel so happy because I am a part of the day 🙂

Reason2.This is main reason.  Our parents’ house became ours. We have father and right after our mother passed away, we found out that he started dating with my mother’s friend from high school. He’s been knowing her because he also went to same school.  I knew something was going on. My sister and I gave him two options, Breaking up with his girlfriend or If he can’t , give us the house and completely refuse to contact us from here or out. He didn’t break up with her and that’s his decision. We’ve got advancement from him and cleaned up the house to rent it to my friend’s family. We’d  fought for my mother for two years  because she loved the house and left her living proof. My sister displays “deed to property” besides mother’s picture. These two years were terrible, however I knew how I was lucky to have supportive people. My grandma, my aunt’s family and my mother’s friends, they all supported us.  My aunt treats us as her daughters. My mother’s friends, they were furious about this situation and decided to stay away from  my father and his girlfriend. She was loved by everyone. I’m still 30 and it’s too young to go through this issue myself. I have a gratitude for them very much. 

I was back in hometown for four days. Most of days were cleaning our house. We had turban shells at lunch 😉 and had an accident, too. At parking lot, our car got dent by other’s car. It was ok and no one got hurt. I was so surprised.