I’m on diet now. So naturally dishes I cook is healthy and my husband is not so happy about it. I also concerned about his health, though. 

Minced tofu and scramble eggs on the rice.

Minced tofu is supposed to be minced meat but I didn’t use it. I stir-fried minced tofu with soy sauce and sweet cooking rice wine till water was gone. Surprisingly the texture is like stir-fried minced meat. My husband didn’t notice it. 

Chinese yam and tofu gratin.

This is super healthy. Gratin usually needs white sauce but I used crushed Chinese yam in place of high calories white sauce. So you have to mix the yam and tofu with Miso 1/2 tbs , Mayo 1 & 1/2 tbs, Starch 1 tsp. You can also put your favorite Veggies in it. I used spinach this time. Toppings were bacon,  cheese and dried Bonito flake. I really love this gratin. 

Healthy and good taste doesn’t often happen. But there is 💕


Dinner on May 9th. 

Today was a good day!  I met a friend for the first time in 4 years 😁 She was my roomie in Canada. So we aren’t just friends. More than sisters 🤗 During 4 years,  both of us became a mother. We talked about kids things and she was a very good listener just like we used to be. She made my mind clear. We always have a question about raising a kid. Sharing issue is important. We totally agreed with being mom is truly awesome. They can’t replace with anything. 

OK! Let me share the dinner tonight. My head and mind got adrenized today. But dinner is healthy.

Simmered chicken with garlic, ginger, soy sauce, rice vinegar, sugar and water.Ethnic egg soup with lettuce, tomato, carrot. 

I had spaghetti at lunch today. So, dinner was little healthier.  I also had yogurt too. Today’s point was using garlic and ginger 🍳 

How to make the chicken wings is…. 

Mix vinegar 100ml,  soy sauce 30ml, water 50ml, sugar 45ml, chopped ginger 10g, a clove of chopped garlic and boil for a little and put the chickens in it. Simmer it till the liquid is gone. This is for 6 chichen wings. 

How to make the egg soup is

Mix water 500ml,  comsomme 5g,  Chinese chicken soup powder 1 teaspoon and boil them. Put carrot, lettuce in and 3 mins later, tomato and beaten egg in it. After beaten egg in it, stir a little! That’s it. 

Dinner yesterday 🍳 

Dinner yesterday was Spanish omelet and Stuffed bell pepper!  

I make Spanish omelet by microwave oven. Actually I am trying to be a  microwave oven specialist. It’s an  important skill as rasing baby. Once it starts running, I don’t have to stay with it like gas stove. Now I can’t live without it. 


Are you familiar with eating chestnuts? I love to eat rice cooked with chestnuts. It’s a sign of autum. 

I pearled skins and stemmed rice and chestnuts together with salt in the rice cooker. It’s pretty easy! It’s rural life here but never a dull moment. I can pick up natural chestnuts outside and cook something, which is never happen life in a big city. I loved lunch at a fancy restraurant with my friends and my husband, but now, back to my roots.  I was workaholic and had a little problems with my family in law. Just so happy to stay away everything I had to deal with. No good can come from stressful life😀

Lunch with nice view🌇

It was a beautiful  sunny day. My husband and I took my mother-in-law to Mother’s Day lunch. It’s organic food restraunt. The restraunt was used to a Japanese inn and now it’s renovated to the restaurant. It’s located on a hill and we drove to there.. That’s huge mistake. Road is narrow in the mountain. However, the view was beautiful and the restaurant that rewards my husband’s driving effort. 

Food was great.Many soyes  were used in the menu and inside of the restraurant was Japanese old style. All of things are my favorites. Such a good day for Mother’s Day🌹

Kidney beans with tofu sesame sauce

Before going to futsal, I prepared dinner 🙂

My relative sent me a lot of Kidney beans and I’ve used it by ordinary Japanese cookings but I am so tired of them. I found this recipe in the web. The sauce is very healthy because of tofu. 

How to make this….

•A half of tofu (Make sure dry out before using. You can microwave wrapped  Tofu with paper towels for 2 mins. )

•3 TBS instant bouillon 

•2 TBS soy sauce 

• 2 TBS suger

And just mix tofu and all seasonings and be on top of kidney beans.  

You can dip other veggies with it. 



I love noodle and recently found my favorite ramen restaurant. 

Soup is based on chiken and it’s not so richly  flavored  soup but taste is like pork bone soup. I want to know how they make it. 


Torisoba is their basic main menu. Tori means “chiken ” and soba “buckwheat noodle” in Japanese. But this noodle is ramen. The brown one is fried onion. 


Torisoba with soy sauce and shrump

This soup is more like chicken soup + soy sauce. I didn’t feel shrimp though. I’d prefer to have basic Torisoba but tastes great. 


Dipping noodle

Ramen is not only with hot soup but there’s a ramen with cold soup. You can dip ramen in the soup. I love this style in the summer. 
If you have any chance to visit Osaka, please visit 座銀 (Zagin). There’re a lot of ramen restaurant in Japan too. Enjoy 😄