Think it over 

Last post was about friendship after a couple breaks up. 

So, today I am writing about benefit and disadvantage. Two people shared spacial times and well known each other. 

In the situation , a benefit between them is they know each other so it’s comfortable. 

=>I can’t stay with him as a friend because once we started dating, I forget how to act like one of his friends. I know him more than his friends. 

Disadvantage is that they can’t keep continue their friendship because either one will started to have a new girlfriend or a boyfriend. 

=>That’s the hardest part. It’s the time that one of them has to know the reality such a “he’s not mine anymore. ” Maybe if he or she has open mind and they are ready for it, it’s no biggie. Nevertheless, it’s not easy for most of people. 

I couldn’t be friends with my exes. So I don’t know how I handle this issue. When I was over with them, I didn’t want to meet them and actually I met one of them at an ceremony at 20, I sat beside him but I really didn’t know what to say. In stead of meeting them, contacting them, I really wish that their life have kept going well. 

My husband and I met at futsal team and we started dating and ended up getting married. I was wondering what if we broke up and could I still play futsal with him or teammates ? I didn’t know the answer but maybe I’d quit futsal and stay away from everything we shared or I remember him. 

Friendship between man and woman is so complicated, I guess. 

What do you think about this? Could you be friends with your ex?


Phobia, Shmobia

Fears evolve over time. What is one fear you’ve conquered?

I wrote about my mother who passed away 2 years ago due to Chronic idiopathic intestinal pseudo-obstruction and the disease is still incurable. So doctors tried many methods to my mother in the safe way and we didn’t know what’s happening. Each day was battle. So I was stressed from unpredictable stiations and I’ve conquered. She fought over the disease very hard and I’m so proud of my mother. I’m positive the her battle and challenge won’t be wasted. It will help other patients.

Weekend 🎊

Beer 🍻

Balloons at 7 innings is ritual

 Last weekend, I went in a baseball game Hanshin Tigers VS Hiroshima Carp with friends. We were 6 people,  my 3 high school friends and one of the friends husband and my husband and me.  

It was interesting because we didn’t cheer same team. 3 of us cheered Hanshin Tigers and rest of us cheered Hiroshima Carp.  On the way to the studium, there was a miracle. We bumped into  our high school teacher. He lives in my hometown so no way to meet him.  So we decided to have dinner together with him after the game. 

The game was dead heat and it finally went into playoff. The game started at 2pm and it was finished a t around 7pm.  OMG. Our teacher had kept waiting for us. So we left earlier and headed to his place. On our way to his place, someone fell out on the ground in the train so our train stopped and it took us a little longer get there. 

Anyway, we started to catch up on each other and the main conversation was “how to meet a good guy” for two of us who isn’t married yet.  One is looking for a man who is suitable for her and another is thinking of breaking up with her 3 year relationship boyfriend because he doesn’t want to get married now. Their timing is different. That’s happened all the time for everyone. 

Funny thing was that our high school teacher listened to us like our career counsellor he used to be. And a good thing was there were three men so their perspectives were very different from us. Conversation was heated up. 

Then day was a blast. We can’t meet regularly anymore because we’re living in different city. Hope we can get together once an year like this. 

Chemical reaction didn’t happened. 

One of futsal members is getting married🌺 I was very happy to hear that !! He’s early 40 and worked hard  to find someone. However, I have a little mixed feeling. 

Last year, I introduced him to my female coworker. She also worked so hard to get married. My husband, he, she and I had dinner together and had a good time. But it just didn’t go well and timing was bad because  he had to go on business trip for two months. So they didn’t have a chance only two of them after that. 

After three or four months passed, she contacted him and found it out that he was seeing someone. I still regret that four of us should have meet one more time and they could get to know each other and the fiancé could be her.   I really wished they went well and I didn’t select wrong two people. I need to learn more tactics when I set up blind date. 

Come and go 

On Feiday I met my male friend who visited Japan with his cousin all the way  from Canada. It’s been 7 years since I left Canada but we have met twice in Japan and this was third time. He must love all about Japan. How we met is I was in relationship with his friend in Canada and he was the first my ex’s friend I was introduced. We both are very young. My ex and I ended up breaking up but he’s been one of good friends.  I invited him to my wedding and before my wedding my husband met him too. Seems they hit it off 😊 One more thing to keep our friendship, he speaks Japanese very well.  So we communicate both in English and Japanese and now he has Japanese girlfriend and their relationship isn’t easy becuase it’s long distance love. They met in Toronto and she has to back home. They’ve been in long distance live between Canada to Japan for an year. This time I met her as well. She is a young pretty woman. I was very happy to meet her and his cousin too. 

This time , my ex-collegue joined us because she’s going to Tronto this coming August, so I wanted her to get along with them. It’s good to have someone reliable in overseas. 

We ordered typical Japanese food in Izakaya. They seemed to like them very much. They joined a travel tour which my friend won the Mandarin restaurant’s passport to Japan contest. He just wrote his name in the raffle. It was the trip for two so his cousin came over with  him. His cousin is 18 and a freshman in university. Young but he’s dependable 🙂  It was interesting to listen to his university life. It was funny to see he was dominated by her. We all talked about the best place in Japan and Canada and culture. 

It’s so interesting  because we didn’t think we became good friends. Life is the party. And this time he gave me an opportunity to meet new people. I appreciate him to being my friend 🙂 I really hope we will meet soon. 

Another story about my friend. My bestie is leaving Osaka due to her husband’s job transfer. We come to Osaka after graduating from high school so her moving isn’t just good bye for me. This Saturday, I met her and had a farewell dinner. 

Locomoco plate


Cake & Coffee


She’s pregnant now so we started to talk about her baby. The baby is doing great but she was mentally exhausted. We went through a lot of things together so I’m going to miss her so much. There’s Skype and SNS so we’ll contact easily and know situations. It must be lucky 😘 I believe that she’s going to get over her life transition with her husband and the new born baby.  Wherever she lives, she’s always my bestie ❤️

Bowling 🎳

I went bowling with my friends.


There’s a time called moonlight time once an hour, and each person in each lane throw a bowling. A perk of it is a photo. To get the photo, men should do ten-strike and women should hit the pins in the dim and one of us get it ! It’s fun to do bowling sometimes 💓




My photo is a welcome board of my wedding reception which my friend Azzuri made for us.
The bride and  groom look like us pretty much and our guests liked the welcome board and it was talked about among our guests.
We appreciate her very much and could welcome our guests warmly.
She was very happy for my wedding and this letters “Welcome to our wedding ” means a lot to us because my mother passed away before my wedding. She knew how I felt about it and my wedding ceremony wasn’t made by only my husband and I. She supported us too.