First snow in town  

Yesterday it thundered and today it snowed for a first time this year ❄ What a crazy weather😱 Yesterday was a historical day because President Putin from Russia visited here for summit meeting with Priminister Abe of Japan. Mr.Putin came to this small town,Omg 😵 I was astonished as I heard, but he seemed to like food and Sake here 💕 Also he said he liked fantastic scenery with snow. According to news, Mr.Putin might have cancelled his visit out of blue, which was thinkable as people meet him. So, I was happy to hear the news that his plane had landed. 

They talked about the northern territories. Ex-presidents insisted that they want to visit family grave. I believe when I visit grave, I feel like meeting my mother and grandpa. So, it’s unbearable not be able to visit grave. I feel sympathy to them. This snow might be a voice from their ancestors in heaven. 


Support for Kumamoto 💖

About 2 weeks ago, an earthquake came around my area. It wasn’t a big one but I feel scared. 2 days ago, another earthquake came in Kumamoto, Kyushu. It was unexpectedly a big one. I feel like islands of Japan is going to be sunk now. 

5 years ago, Japan had the Great East Japan Earthquake . It was a horrible nightmare. Tsunami washed all away. It was a plate type earthquake. Japan has four submarine plates and Japan is standing the plates. The system was a submarine palate moved, ground was also dragged and it brought Tsunami.

This time, Inland earthquake.  Active fault under the ground moved and submarine plate wasn’t relavent. So, Tsunami didn’t come, but aftershock has been coming over 100 time and Mt. Aso has erupted. So type was different compared to 5 years ago. Many people are evacuated and shelter and ration aren’t good enough. 5 years ago, people said “Pray for Japan ” but this time, “Praying for Kumamoto doesn’t help. Please #SupportKumamoto” .  People learned a lots from 5 years ago. People prepare emergency food and family decide where they meet at the emergency. I handed in my personal information to my company for the situation. No longer someone’s problem. I try to support Kumamoto, too.    


Open up a Pandora’s box. 

Braveblossoms, Japanese national rugby team played very well and it’s unfortunate that they exited  World Cup before quater semifinal😣 They surprised the world because they won thier opening game over South Africa and other 2 wins in their pool. I didn’t expect the result and I was the one who raise my eyeblow with  a surprise🎉 They made welcomed history,too! Even though they won 3 games in the pool, they failed to go in quarter semi final. That’s the  first time since World Cup started. 

I got a lot of powers from their games and their plays. I felt their passion and it made me cry.They made their style and improved in many ways. Japanese national team, they were 10 foreigner players and they choose to play as Japan. I have gratitude to them. 

Captain in the team wasn’t original Japanese. He was  New Zealander but finally his nationality bacame Japanese. He is fluent both in English and Japanese.  He said at press conference, “Having a good conversation with a referee is important to play rugby. Speaking and understanding English give advantage on controlling  a game  . We could do that this World Cup. ” 

It’s not only playing well, but rugby needs communication with a referee in English. English is another challenge for next World Cup in Japan. Maybe not only for them, it’s also my challenge, too. 

Their training was the toughest one more than others and showed world that they’d changed a lot and changed Japanese view of rugby. I looked over rugby rule before the game against Samoa and I enjoyed the game very much. I was sure. that there were a lot of people who did the same thing. I watched a game Australia and Wales. It was an exciting game,too. Islanders did traditional dance before kicking off. That was manly! 

I can’t wait for the next World Cup in Japan🏉🇯🇵  Braveblossoms were literally and truly Brave! They’re gonna surprise the world again✨

Current sushi train 

I had sushi at sushi train restaurant スシロー(Sushiro)🍣.

I’m itchy to go there sometime. It’s because reasonable and there’re other menu too. Recently new IT technology help both the restaurant and customers.   

It’s very important to keep freshness for raw fish! So what their system does is to throw sushi away when it is on a lane more than 350m automatically. Each plate has ic chip so the system know  how long sushi plate on the lane! It’s smart way to manage freshness of sushi! 

You can pick up sushi from the lane, but also order what you want by touch panel.

Just touch and it’s coming and before arriving, it announces “Your order is coming!”. Multiple languages are displayed such English, Chinese, Korean etc. You can enjoy sushi without Japanese! 

There are over 80 items including unique ones here. Can you imagine Bacon sushi ? It wasn’t bad actually.  

What about Coffee. I think this is a great idea that they have coffee. You don’t have to go find a cafe and many people want to have a coffee after lunch or dinner to freshten their months.  

 Eventually I ordered iced cafe latte and a piece of  cheese cake and gateau chocolat set.  
Other good point here is that each table has hot water faucet. So you can make own green tea at your table.  

My husband and I had 17 plates(34 sushi) , one ramen, miso soup , 2 deserts and my cafe latte. Total:2,800 yen(it’s about USD24). 

Hope this info helps your info about Japan and I am living in near Kyoto and Osaka. If you need more information, please let me knows the following contact info. I will answer your questions! Of course it’s free! 


DM me on Twitter @maya_o_0615

Lunch seeing Sakura 

April is starting tomorrow and new fiscal year is gonna start and students is gonna back to school and recruits is gonna start work 😉 April is important. 

In March, there’re lots of goodbyes and cry sometimes but seeing beautiful Sakura make me forget those things. And I need to get out of my office with a bunch of PC during lunch time refreshing. 


Thank you Twitter. 

On March 11, the forth anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake. 

Tsunami(Photo credit isn’t mine. )

Again, I’m deeply sorry for a lot of people who suffered by this earthquake and I’m sure that 

Twitter is SNS which everyone knows. Here’s a wonderful story. The day, servers of SNS and email were down but Twitter was as usual. You know why? Because one of engineers at Twitter in USA thought that Japan needed a huge server to communicate without server down to prevend secondly disaster and the engineer decided to add triple servers to Japan as usual. What a wise decision👍 We could use Twitter as normal. This engineer decide this by himself/herself. This wise decision saved a lot of people. Many countries donated food and money but てthis unknown engneer helped Japan.

Thank you 💝

Japanese sake day :)

It’s around time to open new sake of this year 💜

Today, My friends and I went to Fushimi, Kyoto to tast a first Japanese sake of this year 🙂 The area is very famous of Japanese sake and there’re a lot of Sake brands and storehouses🏠. 

First of all, we went testing place for free. We tried more than ten sakes 🍶. Each little tasting made us tipsy and we went crazy😋

This is Sake storehouse street.

As you know, Kyoto is histrical city. So house looks classic and I love it !!!

We went museum Gekkeikan museum  as well. Geekkeikan is the one of famous sake brand in Japan. 

Sake made of rice.

Sake vessel.

Happi coat which worker wears in Sake industry.

Sake barrel.

Travellers visit Kyoto from all over the world and  most of them are interested in Kyoto and there’s Sake tour in English. If you are interested in it, let’s give a shot. 

After that, we went for a dinner at an Japanese restaurant where cook for dinner matching with Sake. 

Handmade tofu. It tasted great eating with salt.

The Light covered by Japanese papers and looks pretty warm.

Parfeit with sake chocolate syrup.

Such a fun day even though it was rainy ☔️.  

My hometown has also famous sake too. It’s 獺祭(Dassai). Now it’s too popular to get it in Japan, which means a lot of them are exported to overseas. One of my colleague living in Mexico bought it Las Angels, USA. 

Please check 獺祭(Dassai) 😘