Happy 8 month birthday.Β 

My son,Kay turned 8 month old.  He’s been doing great.  He laughs a lots and coos 😘  The other  day, he took 7 month old check up. His size is average and weight is 7800g (7.8kg) and It’s getting hard for me to carry him in a baby sling and he doesn’t seem to like baggy. So I’m thinking about a electronic bike with a baby chair. 

Now it’s time to start visiting daycares he will go. Kids will be selected by evaluated on the basis of family structure,  parents salary and so on. So, I don’t know which one he will get in but I want to check each daycare system. I can take paid parenting leave till next April. So I’m not so rush. Oh I can’t imagine leaving him. I don’t know I cam handle with it. 

Since l have became a mother, I see my faults clearly. I hate calling. But I have to do for him. I like to stay at my place but I go outside with him because it’s good for him. I contemplate my faults and this is good time to change myself. 

June 18th was farther’s day. Kay and I made thank you letter. Footprint is a tie. His photos are design of shirts. 

Ta-ta πŸ‘‹Β 

My husband and I try to make a circumstance to have our son learn both English and Japanese. Japanese is OK because we are Japanese but English, we have to make effort so hard. What we’re doing is he can only watch English TV channel such as Disney Channel in daytime and I talk to him in English. He’s going to day care from 1 year old and English cram circumstance will be over then.  Now is the so important time for him learning English.  

In Disney Channel,  Doc Mcstuffins is airing now. Story about a girl who can fix toys with helping from her toy friends. They talk and Doc check up and diagnosis. This is intellectual education animation and the way Doc takes care of her patients is always warm-hearted. Our son learns humanity from Doc πŸ’• Even I learn something good from her attitude. “Ta-ta” is new to me and Doc told me that πŸ˜€

Being parent is hard  because responsibility dogs you forever. But more than that,  there’re always joy. 

Baby food process

It’s been 2 weeks since my son started baby food and now he tried two vagitables carrot and pumpkin. By making baby food, I also learn about nutrition and the best way how I cook and know the natural taste.  So far he loves bothπŸ’•

This is a mashed carrot. I’ve never thought that boiled carrot was so delicious. Just boiling carrot make a good soup. 

This freezing pumpkin πŸŽƒ Mickey mouse. My time making this is paid off to see this Mickey.

I have a blender and I’ve never used it for his food. But straining makes me stressed out and finally tried out.  Wow! This is good. Just quick to strain in 10 sec.  Even though I have to clean up later, it’s still good. I just have to stay away from blending things he can’t eat when I make dishes for adult. I really appreciate to live in modern age. There’s a lot of convenience! 

Happy 5 month old πŸ’•Β 

I couldn’t post about 4 month old Mr. Kay. Sorry πŸ™ I was busy with moving out prep and running errands. 

Anyway,  Mr.Kay has been a good baby. He got 3 inoculations recently. He’s a tough cookie. He didn’t cry a lot. My husband and I were more intense than him 😲 

One of main events around 5 month old is starting baby food. I made rice gruel and grind it to a paste and put it in ice tray and keep it in the freezer bag. This is Mickey mouse ice cube 🐭 So I don’t have to make it each time and just warm it up by microwave when he eats. 

Yesterday,  I gave him one tea spoon of rice gruel and he smiled πŸ˜€ I will give him the same thing for a week and if there’re no problems, he will step up to vegetables.

I enjoy to see  the process how he adjusts. He’s learning something new day by day and I’m so blessed with stirring moments everyday. Stay at home mom isn’t easy. When I wasn’t a mom yet,  I was swamped with work and now I can stay at home all day but my schedule doesn’t make a go of it. So I have to find a way to make my time for such a writing  my blog. So the best way to write my blog is wring while I cuddle him. He sleeps so I don’t have to play with him. I can do meditation while he’s drinking a milk. I sit and hold him in a cross-legged position and close my eyes for 2-3mins and calm down. I need to learn the rope and I’ll take a cue from the voice of experience. 

2 ceremonies are over.Β 

On January 21, we took my son to a shrine! It’s one of important ceremony for a new born baby, which called “Omiyamairi “Priest prayed his good life and after that we took pics. He wore Kimono πŸ‘˜.  

Another ceremony is “Okuizome” was on Jan 28.  We hold food by chopsticks and touched his lips with food. 

Menu : Grilled red bream, Soup with clam,  red rice, simmered food(Veggies:Yum, carrots, lotus)

I was a little worried about making these dishes.  I ordered only the grilled red bream on the Internet and cooked other dishes.  The red 2 plates and the tray and chopsticks were sent by the shrine at Omiyamairi. He seemed to like enjoying dishes πŸ’• I hope his bliriant future  with a lot of nice people and stay healthy 😍 

Happy 3 month old.Β 

He turned 3 month oldπŸ’• He likes to exercise and hold things now. Now, he practices rolling over and prone posture. It’s adorable to see when he’s doing those things. 

The other day,we had a health nurse visit. The nurse checked up his grow and gave us advices. She was surprised at how talkative he was. He’s been bigger and bigger. He’s Mr. Kay but his name could be Mr. Square as well. 

On Jan 22, it was my first birthday since I became a mother. I appreciate my mother more than ever before. Becoming a mother was harder than I expected. But it’s so amazing to have a kid. I wish she could hold him.

The other day,  I got a letter from my mother’s friend. She sent me congratulation money, so I sent a gift in return and then she sent me thank-you letter. 

I think my mother has her friends keep eyes on me and my sister in stead of her. They always care about us. Even my mother passed away, we still stay connect. The more I love my son, the more I think of my mother. It’s a shame that we can’t share experiences together, which I’ve been thinking about.