Break the jinx

2018, my age is believed to be unhappy age. So I attended purification ceremony at shrine breaking the jinx. I got the following things.

As everyone might know, Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck announced their NEM coins about $400 million were hacked and I became one of the victims. They said NEM coins were stored in a hot wallet instead of the more secure cold wallet. The president cited technical difficulties and a shortage of stuff were capable of dealing with them. I doubted bad luck came from the jinx lol

After watching their press conference, I found they’re too young to run business with a lack of experiences and they didn’t seem to have a compliance for unforeseen situations. In hindsight, they showed problems of cryptocurrencies to the world. Whatever investors say, taking risks are all your faults after all.

The president is 27. I imagine he wanted to make something big. Running own business would be hard and needed to be brave enough. I want him to recover from the law point as an entrepreneur!

I will break the jinx on my own and fight with charms😝


Life is good. 

OK I’ve moved out on March 4th. Yes this is life I wanted. It’s peaceful and freedom. I’m OK to contact with mother-in-law and I think our relationship is also good. 

While I was away from my blog, what did you miss?

1. Applying for educational saving for Mr.Kay. 

After examining several companies, my husband and I picked up one my medical insurance company offered. They are one of insurance companies in my hometow and I delivered my son by C-section and made a claim on medical insurance. At the same time, they knew that I have new born baby and offered me thier plan.  Good things is that they have a good yield and came over my place to explained the plan. Their tactic is  visiting customer’s place. It’s small town and intimacy is important. People like me can’t go outside with a baby easily. I like thier style. This is for Mr.Kay’s future and an important money manage. 

2. NO TV Life.

We became a cable subscriber due to TV interference in this area and we have to wait for the constraction for a month. I’m stay at home mom and even though I’m busy with Mr. Kay, still I miss TV.  I’ve watched some programs on the Internet, which help us. I watch Grey’s anatomy all day and I believe that Mr. Kay hears English more than Japanese. This one month is for Mr.kay to make English brain and ears.  

3. Tax issue. 

I have house rent income. Last year was too much cost ,so I didn’t have to file tax return but I was supposed to be imposed resident tax on it. So, I asked my accountant friend to calculate depreciation on the house.  And my house rent income was offset by it, which means I didn’t have to impose resident tax. I’m so happy and I need to understand calculation for the depreciation. 

These things happened recently. I think knowing society system and knowledge is important and unknowing is just out of the way. I need to read more books. 


After doing landry, people in Japan hang them up outside and when it’s sunny, they get dry perfectly but it’s not, they irritate us. Recent washing machine with a build-in dryer is good but it can’t get them dry enough. So I’ve been looking for a nice way and today I came up with the idea. 

I set up a bar in front of the air conditioning machine and hang them up. No more stress because of them.  

Batter’s box 

New TV drama about single chicks has started in Japan. They are 30 and now and fighting tooth and nail to get married now. When they were 20, they never expected their situation and they brought back the past. They said

 ” We just stepped in batter’s box but didn’t try to hit and just observed or criticized desperating friends from bench . All results came from it. The friends hit and run, which means they found someone or got married. “

I like this expression. I had many experiences that I just stepped in batter’s box and didn’t swing a bat. It’s not only about love and boys but about my life and I can’t turn back the clock. Challenging is important 🔥 

Back in my place 

I’m back in my place on Jan 4th. I stayed in my hometown for 4 months. I’m very happy to stay with my family. I couldn’t go through my delivery without them. I realized that they are my family and my best supporters. 

The other day, I wrote about looking for a new place and we found the one.  It’s a renovated house. The house is renovated now ,so when we move in, inside is very clean and new.  I’m very happy that we found good one and I’m sure my husband and I and my son are getting peaceful new life without mother-in-law . And I was shocked that she asked brother-in-law back home living with her. I think that she is out of line. 

Regarding finding a new place, my husband apologized me about living with mother-in-law. It’s only 2 years but I couldn’t take it. I didn’t feel being myself and I felt someone was controlling my life. I’ve married to my husband to be happy but we lost meaning of love and marriage. We had to do fertility treatment and we’ve got son. We need to change life for better for him as one family and we deserve it.  

Kanji of this year 

Kanji of this year in Japan is “金”=”gold”. It was correct chosen kanji if this year. It comes from Japan’ve got many gold medals and applied  negative interest which is written in Japanese マイナス金利 and 金 is included. 

My kanji of this year is “変”= change.

  •  I become a mom and fertility treatment is over and I’m cuddling my son now. I can’t believe he was in my belly but sure he was. He’s spitting and image of me. Definitely he changed my thought and my life.  
  • I decided to lend my parents house to other and as the same time,  I broke it off with my father. It was awful but can’t be helped for me. He didn’t wrong thing. Just he’s found something more important than me and my sister. 

I was crushed with a lot of emotions and I never expected such experiences. But now these things have solved. I’m relieved and I’m ready for 2017😀

Sparkle account on Twitter !

I am hard to believe that there’re people who want to be someone else on Twitter. The other day, I watched TV about a woman having a sparkle account. What she does is pretending like someone else and tweeting her laxury life, but all fake. 

On Twitter, she lives in Tokyo and has a stable job with good salary and nice boyfriends. But in her real life, she’s not living in Tokyo, so she subscribes to monthly information magazine of Tokyo and collects information to make sure not let people know her life in Tokyo is fake. She also edits photos as if she were there. It’s hard work, isn’t it? Basically, if you want to have a sparkle account, you need to be organized. Without it, you can’t keep tweeting as someone else and at the worst. You’d be arrested. 

By seeing her, I felt darkness of her mind. She wants to be like person on her sparkle account but she insists that she keeps her expectations realistic and can’t be like the woman in her real life. I felt so sad, though. It’s her life and she should control it herself and it seems like giving up her life. It’s too early to decide it. Every people has darkness of their mind but people move forward and put the things behind them for a little while and think about them again.  I want her to find satisfaction in her real life. 

By the way, how do you saying this kind of person  in English ?