Unread letter

The other night, I argued with my husband. My bad thing is when I’m mad at him, I sometimes talk with a sob, which is not on ourpose. So, I try to tell him my intention by letter.

The night I couldn’t sleep, so I started to write letter to him in the middle of night and put it in his bag. This was early Thursday morning.

On Thursday night he came home and we started conversation as usual. I didn’t ask him anything about the letter.

On Friday night his attitude was changed for the better and it looked he understood what I meant in the letter.

On Saturday, we spent as usual, too. He took our son to swimming class. We were good.

On Sunday night before off to bed, I asked him a question in the letter because I needed the answer. And he said,

“Letter? What letter? I didn’t read any letter from you.”

No way! His attitude was perfect in last 4 days as if he read my letter. The letter was still in his bag. He was relieved that he didn’t drop it in his company. Content was so personal.

After it happened, we talked calmly. I will tell him when ai write letter 😋



I’ve been organaizing my parents’ things. There’re many good memories  and things I don’t want to dump but I can’t keep them forever. Especially photos, I decided to keep some of them. Dumping things is good to clear my mind, too. 

Today, I was about to dump an important photo for my husband and me. If I didn’t notice it, I’d regret forever and couldn’t tell him. I’ll make sure to recheck what I’m going to dump. 

I love this photo but my losing weight plan was failed and the day before my wedding, I had to size up my wedding dress. How embarrassed I was💔 and I’m short so I needed to put on 15cm heels. It was hard to walk but when I talked about this story to people, they laughed a lots and look happy, so it’s alright 😀


Are you satisfied with show of love from your partner? Mine is….he is….vey kind. he could do more say something to me, compared to other men I know, he still can talk to me directly and show his love to me. He’s a typical and advanced Japanese  man. 

Yesterday, TV show brought up a topic “Should Japanese men show enough love to thier partners? ” . There are some foreigner trend spotters and said “Not enough!”. Japanese is good at reading atmosphere and people’s mind without convesation. Are we super person or something ? 

In English, people say “I love you ” but not “I like you “. In Japanese , people tend to say “I like you”as show of love. It’s language matter and some of trend spotters pointed it out “Why use LIKE? It’s same when we say I like a dog ” . It’s true.  Japanese language has “love” and many people don’t choose it all the time.  Some Japanese women don’t want men to use “I love you ” more than they need because of value of word. If men often use “I love you”, women get used to it and romantic mood is gone. I think “I love you” is a proper word for my husband. Except my husband, I can’t use it.  

In the show, attitude of Japanese women is focused ! When men throw bouquets,attitude of Japanese women is so cold and gruff. It might be true and you could say Japanese women are humble. And too much weight on being a mother and not being a wife. That attitude cause husband to cheat on his wife. 

 people with honesty is important. Doing something without asking make a trouble. Show of Love is what need to continue life with a partner. It’s not only men problem, but also women.

Loved one💖


Jan 22 was my birthday. I turned 30! Yes new capture will begin! I took a half day off and a great time with my husband today. We went to a new place to buy cloth and had dinner at a multinational restaurant . After we got home, he suddenly gave me 11 roses ! The flower language is “Loved one” ! Flower language of rose changes depends on how many roses. 

1 rose -> Fall in love at first sight 
3 roses -> I love you 

7 roses -> Secret love

11 roses -> Loved one 

99 roses -> Forever love 

108 roses -> Marry me

999 roses ->Want to be with you in my next life 

I didn’t know the meaning! He is such a romantist! Appreciate his treat ! I love this man so much. 



Photo credit : foter

Recently Ashley Madison hack is now huge problem. I was just so surprised that many people signed up and they had an affair behind partner’s back. This was not only leaking identification but also security issue. 

I’ve read an article about two women who used Ashley Madson in different ways.

One person searched for her fiancé name in dumped data and there was his account. The moment must have been shocking beyond my expectation.  Eventually the wedding they had been planning was cancelled. The whole experience has been shattering and changed her life completely.  

Another person used the site to have an affair. She signed up but never messaged anyone and closed down. But six months ago,she created another and found someone to talk. They were due to meet but at the moments she called it off. She didn’t want to jeopardize her marriage. Now she has distracted with work for now but she feels stressed if her husband finds out  what she did. 

It’s been two years since I got married to my husband. I am not sure what’s happening in our life but I probably can’t continue life with duplicity and I’d definitely feel it’s unfair that I am hurt by him and waste time with him. And it’d be more shocking if he’s looking for someone on dating site. That’s totally different if she’s his colleague, friends and so on. 

It’s NOT my business about why they had to sign up and NO offense.     I just thought over my life and my family. My husband and I were originally others and the love tries to stay strong but it’s also fragile, depends on condition. 

Take a balance. 

Live in the lap of luxury(money) or raise a loving family(mind), you might want to get both when you get marriage.  However both choices are difficult to get at the same time. However, which would you opt for ?

The other day, I saw gossip about a male actor will leave his career because he’s going to take care of his father-in-law. His wife is very successful beautiful Japanese actress and get paid well and it’s more than he does. So their marriage was called “disparity marriage “. But they seems very happily married couple. They don’t have a kid but they enjoy their life and keep their good relationship.

Usually husband’s salary is less than his wife, at first, he can take care of housework but  he’s pride gradually ruin their marriage and at the end of the day, his wife is getting tired of both work and housework and it leads to them “divorce or separation. ”

According to a marriage counselor,  the couple clear about their purpose in their life. They opted for “raise a loving family” and they think about a stable balance of two in the family.  Conditions they can live together under the situation is the wife treats her husband with due respect and conveys thankfulness to him.

Men have a big damage when they know the reality that they rely on their wives financially. That’s not bad at all if they do housework  but  they feel it instinctively. Part of marriage is accommodating your partner’s feelings even when they are  unfounded. Money or mind, there’s no right answer what you choose. Life might become complicated by marriage but on the other hand, there’s great things as well. When you have problems in your family or partner, think about a balance, not about relationship.  You will see what is your roll.

Big step For the world 🌈

I am so happy to write about this ♥️🎉🎊✨

There was huge progress in same-sex marriage in the USA. I am not American but  I’m having a gratitude for the decision at the supreme court in the states and hope every gay people can have a husband or a wife and get a marriage liecense. 

Many  people had battled with previous law and stood up for their right. Now, they were rewarded🌹 The USA is the most powerful country in the world about economy, people and son on. I really hope many countries follow the USA including Japan. 

Recently two TV personalities tried to do same-sex marriage in Japan but thier marriage application was rejected because of the same-sex marriage. There are many Japanese people want to do the same thing but they can’t and I feel Japan isn’t ready understanding them. When I was in Canada, I met a wonderful female coworker who is bisexual. She told me that “At a gay bar, there are many Japanese people. How do you guys treat us in Japan? Because they seem like pretty relax living in Canada.  ”  In my view, we, Japanese realize the people who is gay but they don’t know how to treat them. TV personalities are different because they got popular because of gay and people think they are funny. But if public people come out, a reaction people around around them  is unpredictable. Actually I feel do NOT talk about this kind of topic to my husband and his family. They treat this like other people’s affairs and Japanese society is very conservative about taking care of this matter. So, it might take us long time to change the law. 

Things will never be the same – but the world is better for the years my beloved husband lived.
~From Sheryl Sandberg’s tribute~

Like Sheryl Sandberg’s message after her husband passed away, everyone has loved one and even though their partner passed away before the law changed, they would have thought as same as she said.