One problem after another 

Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment and he checked how my son is doing well. I’d been struggling to fix his breech position and here he is! He’s no longer to be in breech! YEY! I did exercise every night and it worked. I’m ver happy 😉 The problem is gone ! 

And NOT gone! My doctor told me that I had high blood sugar levels and need to check if there’s gestational diabetes. WOW! I can’t believe that. I don’t have following conditions. 

1.Family with diabetes. 


3.Experienced t deliver a giant baby

4. Ages 35 or older

Being a pregnant woman has a big change in the body. Insulin doesn’t work inefficiently but the body needs glucose more. That’s why a pregnant woman tend to be dignosed with gestational  diabetes.  I’m going to take detailed examination on Sep 13. I believe that the symptom is temporary. From now on, I need to control intake of carbohydrate. That’s very difficult!! Less rice, pasta, bread !  Cross your fingers 💖



I’ve got new wallet yesterday finally. I went a store the other day but all of the wallet I wanted were out of stock! Yesterday, I took a half day off because of having too much free time by Chinese New Year! And I met the wallet💓 I went to a different store and they still had stock!  

Brand :ATAO made in KOBE


Concept : As flat as it can be! There’s no zipper at coin space !


ATAO is sister company with IANNE from Paris. IANNE also have gorgeous bags and wallets! ATAO is from KOBE. It’s famous for KOBE beef  but not only beef but also there’re many specialists for making wallet.  

I choose a wallet with lace. It looks elegant and girly! I totally fell in love with this ❤️

Warm you up! 


It’s been cold these days.  Yesterday’s dinner was Nabe! It’s Japanese hot pot dish! This time, Motsunabe which made with beef or pork offal and a lot of vegetables such leek, cabbage, Japanese radish, brawn beech mushroom and so on. After eating them up, I made Zosui which is rice cooked to a watery consistency, so nabe is often reused for Zosui !

Today, I got great news! My Korean friend is coming to Japan! We met school in Canada and became best friends. I haven’t met her husband so I’m very looking forward to meeting him, too.  Few more days to new year holiday.Can’t wait to see people I love 💖


Citron bath♨️

It’s cold tonight❄️ So, my mother-in-law or MIL decided to make citron bath and I imagined below scene. However, there weren’t enough citrons for the bath. Anyway, I prepared citrons.  I had to teach her how to use iPad, so my husband took the bath first. During teaching, she told me with smile “Citrons bath means using a bath additive with  citron-compound not make it with real citrons 🙂 ” Yes right! I was pretty embarrassed LoL



Citron bath makes your body warm and make beautiful skin! If you have a chance taking a bath, try it! Small is good so it has a relaxing effect and it’s easy. Just throw out citrons into your bath and enjoy.

I had looked for  you and finally we met !

Hello everyone! Recently I don’t often write blogs and it’s not just because I’m lazy.When I wrote blogs, I used my iphone or ipad. iPad has bigger screen than iPhone but no kyeboard and it made me tired  to finish  writing. So I bought this 😉

It’s bluetooth keyboard and I bought this for a song and now I am writing with it. WOW! How couldn’t I find this ! It’s very smooth and I will update more post 🌸

Do you believe it?

The other day, I met a person who can see my guardian god.

Some readers might think of me as a weirdo. But he can see and talk to him or her. Why I insisted it because he hadn’t met my mother but he knew why my mother passed away and her disease. I heard of it last year so I decided to meet him before new year’s coming. 

This time, I asked him following questions. 

  • Who is my present guardian god ? =>> It’s an old female behind me. She used to be a craftsperson, so she was a stickler. She wants to tell me that don’t forget to dwell on details when I decide something important. 
  • It is a profitable change if I take on a sale job. =>> I’m kind of type who feel pressure easier.  So he advised me that do not think about a sale job as a job. Just like taking to people and it’s a great opportunity to change yourself. Get and learn through it ! 
  • Relationship with my mother in law. =>> Surprisingly she’s same type with me. So, she want people to leave her alone ! He said “Don’t give attention to her too much and instead of it, take care of yourself.  “
  • About my husband. =>> He said “do not poke him what you want him to do. Just let him do it and give him a supportive push!”

He totally saw me through ! He knew me very much ! Since I got advices from him, I’m freed from all worries. Now I’m very much looking forward to 2016 😉

Change me! 

I attended my coworker’s wedding party last weekend. So, I got dressed up ! Before that, I checked makeup tips for wedding party and then I found MACnificent me

This is an event by MAC and everyone can apply for it to change yourself. You can see 6 people who tried this event. I was happy to see them because they looked more confident and was proud of themselves. I thought I shouldn’t miss opportunity to show myself. Appearance is important and give people my impression. So, I decided to do different makeup this time.  I used Makeup base and condition my skin tone! I don’t take time when I have work in the morning so my makeup is done in 10mins. But this time it took me 30mins. Unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of me but my colleagues told me “You are different today! You are stunning. ” I’m so glad at reaction. 

Sometimes I’m afraid of changing and keep staying at comfortable place. But that’s not right 🙂 Change is hard and difficult but there must be reward.